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Franco-Italian Collection of Saints' Lives

Franco-Italian Collection of Saints' Lives
(aka Legendier A)


Copied in Italy in the early part of the fourteenth century, this collection of saints lives contains thirteen stories of the apostles followed by four martyrs' stories. The lives often include a narrative of each saint's martyrdom, as well as extensive descritptions of the miracles performed by each saint. This collection of saint's lives seem to follow Latin hagiographic models generally.

The manuscript copyist explains that he made the copy while in prison, and the iconography is distinctly Italian. Scholars believe the work was done somewhere in northern Italy, in either Lombardy or Venice.


 Lyon, Bibliotheque Municipale, MS 866 14th century

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Perrot, Jean Pierre, ed. Livre della vie des sainz apostres et de leur paission et d'autres sainz et de leur vie et de maintes leur belles miraclez que Dieu Jhesu Crist fist por eus [Livre] : légendier d'apôtres en scripta franco-italienne (Ms. Lyon, Bibliothèque municipale, 866) : avec reproduction en couleur des enluminures. Chambery: Université de Savoie, UFR lettres, langues, sciences humaines, laboratoire languages, littératures, sociétés, 2006.

Secondary Literature

M. P. Meyer, Bulletin de la Société des anciens textes, 14 (1888), 72-94.


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