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Chevalier Errant

Chevalier Errant


Written in the years between 1394 and 1396, the Chevalier Errant is the work of Marquis Thomas III of Saluzzo, a nobleman from northwestern Italy. The work, composed in verse with prose insertions, is highly allegorical and traces the journey of a knight, who stands in for the author, on a quest that brings him into discussion with personified versions of Knowledge, Wisdom and Love. The quest is placed within a literary landscape that includes episodes featuring arthurian characters from other texts of the Matière de Bretagne, including Tristan and Lancelot.

Like some of the French-language texts created in Italy a century earlier, the Chevalier Errant may also have been composed while the author was imprisoned.


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On the Paris MS, See also

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Secondary Literature

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See also ARLIMA.


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