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Medieval Francophone Literary Culture Outside France

Medieval Francophone literary culture outside France' is an Arts and Humanities Council funded research project (42 months) studying the travel of manuscripts, their conception and fabrication in areas outside the French kingdom, and the effects they had on the French of France and the notion of early French literature.  Six major literary traditions serve as the basis of our study and all of them speak to the multicultural and multilingual European Middle Ages:  Roman d'Alexandre, Roman de Troie, Lancelot, Guiron le courtois, Histoire ancienne, and the prose Tristan.

Digitizing Medieval Cyprus

An online digital version of Leontios Makhairas’s chronicle. Funded by the University of Cyprus (2014-2015), it constitutes the first volume of the project Digital Library of Medieval Cyprus Sources. The latter programme is included in the wider research project Digitizing Medieval Cyprus, a partnership between the University of Cyprus (coordinator Angel Nicolaou-Konnari) and King’s College (coordinators Charlotte Roueché and John Bradley, Centre for Computing in the Humanities).

Visualizing Medieval Places

This blog describes aspects of the digital project Visualizing Medieval Places: data collection, analysis and visualization.


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