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 Jérusalem Continuations


The works collectively identified as the continuations to the Chanson de Jérusalem consist of a series of narratives, entitled in some manuscripts the Chrétienté Corbaran, the Prise d’Acre, the Mort Godefroi, and the Chanson des Rois Baudouin, which carry on the narrative of the epic cycle through the first century of the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem. Grillo describes the continuations as “a semihistorical, even legendary, chronicle in epic form of events in Outremer from Godfrey of Bouillon’s accession and rule until the conflicts with Saladin on the eve of the Third Crusade.” (ed. Grillo, 1.xiii).


Paris, Bibliothèque nationale, fr. 12569 (vellum, c. 1270-5); 
Paris, Bibliothèque de l’Arsenal MS 3139 (vellum, 1268);
London, British Library, MS Add. 36615 (vellum, xiiiex-xivin); 
Turin, Biblioteca Nazionale Universitaria MS L-III-25 (vellum, xiiiex-xivin)

The Jérusalem Continuations, ed. Peter R. Grillo (2 vols., Tuscaloosa, 1984-1994).

Secondary Literature

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