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concerning the French of Outremer

Princeton UNiversity COnference, April 26-27 2014
The Mediterranean CIty and Its Rulers:
A comparison of byzantium, islam, and the western christendon in the high middle ages

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Fordham Medieval Studies 34th Annual Conference, March 29-30 2014
The French of outremer:
communities and communications in the Crusading Mediterranean

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Conference Website.

Princeton University Conference, March 28-29 2014
The Capetian Century (1214 to 1314)

The period from the birth of Loius IX to the death of Philip the Fair is remarkable for a series of developments and accomplishments associated with the Capetian kings of France; innovations in architecture, manuscript illumination, and music helped shape the cultural fabric of French and European life. Administrative historians emphasize the development of political institutions that have been said to lay foundations of the modern state. ‘Moral reform’, partly in support of the crusading movement led to various changes in policies toward Jews, prostitutes, heretics, and many other social groups. This conference on the Capetian century will address these and many related issues.
Participants (as of June 20, 2013) John Baldwin, Brigitte Bedoz-Rezak, Elizabeth A.R. Brown, Jochen Burgtorf,
Alexis Charansonnet, William Courtenay,Paul Crawford, Sean Field, Cecilia Gaposchkin, Xavier Hélary,
William Jordan, Helen Nicholson, Helmut Reimitz, Julien Théry

Motets for Byzantium: Concert by the Choir of Trinity Wall Street
Lamentatio 3
The Gothic Early Music Scene (GEMS) has organized a series of Lamentatios this spring. The concert by the Choir of Trinity Wall Street on Sunday, March 23rd will feature several pieces entitled "Motets for Byzantium." These were written by the fifteenth-century French composer Guillaume Dufay in Savoy. The concert will be held at Trinity Church, on Wall Street at Broad Street, at 5 p.m. For more information, visit the GEMS website.

nEW fordham Course, spring 2013
Writing East: Outremer and the Identity in the Middle Ages
Dr. Nicolas Paul & Dr. Suzanne Yeager

Course Description: As the stage for the central events of the Gospel narrative, the lands of the eastern shore of the Mediterranean long occupied a central place in the collective imagination of Latin western Europe. Over the course of the Middle Ages, however, increasingly frequent encounters resulting from trade, pilgrimage, and crusade not only enriched the European image of the East, but vastly enhanced the significance to how medieval Christians approached the Other. This course will trace the rise of a discourse of difference centered in what was called, in England and France, "Outremer," the land beyond the sea. Together with medieval literary productions, histories, letters, and travel narratives, we will read works from the growing body of scholarship on this important topic.

Round Table Discussion at Kalamazoo, May 2013
French Letters to an English King: the Hospitallers in Outremer

This is Dr. Morreale's contribution to the round table discussion entitled: Anglo-French Cultural Exchange: Translation in Theory and Practice 

Place and time TBD.

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