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Hospitaller Texts from Acre


After leaving Jerusalem in the late twelfth century, the Hospitaller headquarters remained in Acre until their move to Cyprus in the late thirteenth century. The French-language works produced by the Hospitallers at this time included:

  1. diplomatic texts;
  2. administrative or normative texts emanating from their organization;
  3. translations of three texts from Latin into French for use within the order. These were translated by John of Antioch at the request of William of St. Stephen, a Hospitaller brother. These translations included:


Léopold Delisle, ‘Maître Jean d'Antioche, traducteur, et frère Guillaume de Saint-Étienne, hospitalier’, in Histoire littéraire de la France (Paris, Imprimerie nationale, 1906), 1-40.

Anthony Luttrell, "The Hospitallers' Early Written Records,"in The Crusades and their Sources: Essays presented to Bernard Hamilton,ed. J. France and W.G. Zajac, (Aldershot: Asgate, 1998), 135-54.

Louis de Mas Latrie, ed. Histoire de l’Isle de Chypre sous le règne des princes de la maison de Lusignan (Paris: Imprimerie Nationale,1852):

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