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Historical and Narrative Works from Cyprus


After the fall of Acre in 1291, Cyprus became the eastern-most outpost of Latin rule and a repository of sorts for the accumulated cultures of the Latin East. The community of Franks who lived and ruled there composed and compiled a number of French narratives based on events which transpired before and during their time there. Only a few of these texts survive in their original form, but among these were works of history and literature, as well as legal and moral treatises. Evidence for their creation can be found in the copies of the works brought back from Cyprus to the West, or in the Italian translations created when the island came under Venetian control in the fifteenth century. 

Beyond the works produced by the Frankish aristocracy living in Cyprus, a large body of French literature also exists that was written in the West but which informs us of the historical events surrounding the establishment of Frankish rule in Cyprus and the political events that followed the takeover. This page therefore includes sections on French language texts created on Cyprus and texts written in French that recount the political history of Cyprus.

FREnch historical works originating from cyprus:
Anonymous Short Chronicle of Cyprus

The Chronicle of Amadi

Lignages des rois de Jérusalem

The Gestes des Chiprois:

texts written in french that recount the political history of cyprus:
Estoire de la Guerre Sainte

The Old French Translation of William of Tyre's History of Outremer,  also known as Eracles
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