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A Cypriot-French Repertory


This sporadically-illuminated manuscript, of which there is only one copy surviving in the National Library of Turin, contains a poyphonic repertory of 219 pieces, including movements of the Mass, isorhythmic motets, and other secular songs. Dated to the early fifteenth century by a Papal letter on the first page, the text contains five sections.

I. Liturgical pieces for the office of St. Hilarion (folios 1-27)
II. Seven copies of both the Gloria and the Credo (folios 29-57)
III. 41 isorhythmic motets(folios 59-97)
IV. 103 secular songs most of which are in the grand ballade tradition (folios 98-139v)
V. An abbreviated mass cycle (lacking the Agnus Dei) (folios 139v-141)

Representative MSS
 Turin, Bibliotheca Nazionale. J. II. 9 (Tu B)
Handbuch der Notationskunde I (Leipzig, 1913), 360-380 (This edition contains just a sampling of the musical notation)

Secondary Literature

Richard H. Hoppin, "The Crypriot-French Repertory of the Manuscript Torino, Biblioteca Nazionale J. II. 9," Musica Disciplina (1957) 79-125.


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