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D e p a r t m e n t a l   A w a r d s

Each year the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures bestows a number of awards on Fordham students for excellence in the study of foreign languages, literatures and cultures, and for out standing commitment to promoting foreign language learning and foreign culture awareness at Fordham and in the larger community. See below for a listing. For further information please contact the Department

For information about college-wide honors and fellowship opportunities, including travel fellowships, visit the sites of Fordham College at Lincoln Center, Fordham College at Rose Hill, the Campion Institute, and the Fulbright & Graduate Fellowships Office at Fordham.

S t u d e n t   A w a r d s

The Alfred A. Puglisi, CBA ’43, Travel Award to Italy
The Alfred A. Puglisi, CBA ’43, Travel Award was established through a generous gift made by Alfred A. Puglisi. The award provides financial support to a student from FCRH, FCLC, GSB, or PCS for travel expenses associated with studying in Italy.

T h e   L e a h e y   R e n a i s s a n c e   S t u d e n t   A w a r d 
Named in honor of Edward B. Leahey, Jr., M.D., FCRH '69, this scholarship award is presented to a Renaissance-type student with broad cultural intellectual interests and a record of good academic achievement and service to the College, to be used for foreign study or travel before the beginning of senior year.

T h e   F e r n a n d   a n d   S a n t i n a   V i a l   E n d o w e d   S c h o l a r s h i p 
is a merit-based award given to a student who is: 

 • majoring in Italian or French; 
 • enrolled at FCRH, CBA, or FCLC; 
 • has the highest GPA in his/her major  

The recipient is selected at the completion of his/her junior year and the award is applied to the student's tuition costs for senior year.

T r a v e l   F e l l o w s h i p s 
The College awards fellowships every year to juniors on the basis of academic performance, service to the College and the imaginative nature of the travel proposed for the following summer. Applications for the fellowships below must be made to the dean of the College by March 15 of each school year.

C h a r l e s   W.   B a i s l e y   T r a v e l   F e l l o w s h i p
This Fellowship was established through the generosity of Mr. Baisley, a member of the Fordham College Class of 1952 and is a one-time award to a full-time student who has excelled in academics, has been accepted into an international study program, and has financial need.

T h e   G e o r g e   M c M a h o n,   S . J .,   T r a v e l   F e l l o w s h i p
Funded by the Alumni Association of Fordham College to honor George McMahon, S.J., a former dean of the College, this fellowship is intended to help a student defray the cost of travel during the summer between junior and senior year. The fellowship will be awarded to a student who is a member of the Fordham Club, the United Student Government, the Fordham University Band, or members of the University’s intercollegiate sports teams.

T h e   T o b i n   T r a v e l   F e l l o w s h i p s
Funded by the Tobin family and their friends to honor the memory of Mark Tobin, FCRH ’89, these fellowships are intended to help students defray the costs of travel during the summer between junior and senior year. Applicants should have broad academic and extracurricular interests. The fellowship committee will give special consideration to applicants whose travel plans show imagination and creativity.

T H E  J O S E P H   W.  Y E D L I C K A   A W A R D S

(Pi Delta Phi members only)

There are several awards among which are:

Full tuition summer session scholarship awarded by The American University of Paris, France; Full tuition summer scholarship to Avignon awarded by The Institute of American Universities; Full tuition scholarship partially funded by the National Dean's List with Pi Delta Pi

The above awards are accompanied by Pi Delta Phi Travel Grants up to $1,500.00 each that help cover some airfare costs.

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