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Susanne Hafner

Susanne Hafner

Assistant Professor of German

M.A., Universität Regensburg (Germany), Vanderbilt University and Cornell University
Ph.D., Universität Hamburg (Germany)

Faber Hall 559
(718) 817-2697

Susanne Hafner's research focuses on issues of gender in the Middle Ages. In her words, "in the idealized world of medieval literature, both male and female gender roles are so clearly defined that we take them for granted. We all know what a man is and what a woman is. Moments of crisis, however, challenge these tacit gender definitions, and this renders it necessary for the text to verbalize them: When are we not sure what is what? And how can we tell the difference? In my current book project, Virgilian Masculinities: Medieval Readings of the Aeneid, I examined the glosses in the medieval copies of Virgil's Aeneid and the way in which medieval readers were re-interpreting the information on the Aeneid's male characters they found in the text. Whatever Virgil's original intentions might have been, many of his medieval readers perceived a homoerotic potential in his epic and felt compelled to respond to it." In addition to teaching German language and literature courses, Susanne Hafner coordinates the German undergraduate program at Fordham.

Affiliations at Fordham: Medieval Studies

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