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F a c u l t y
 I t a l i a n   P o e t r y   R e v i e w

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures sponsors the journal Italian Poetry Review in collaboration with the Department of Italian and the Italian Academy for Advanced Studies in America of Columbia University. 

S t u d e n t
P o r   G r a n a d a

We are very proud to announce the Student Journal entitled Por Granada which publishes the students' final project of the course "Spain in Context" taught by Dr. Rafael Lamas at Fordham in Granada. To read the articles please click below.

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K i e z   k i e k e n

The Journal Kiez kieken: Observations of Berlin publishes the students' final research project of the course "Berlin Tales: A Cultural History of Germany's Kiez and Metropolis" taught by Prof. Maria Ebner . To read or download the journal please visit


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