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NOTE: Students who intend to minor in Mandarin Chinese prepare their schedules in consultation with a Mandarin Chinese faculty adviser. To declare the minor and be assigned an adviser, please contact the Department Associate Chair in your college.
T h e   M i n o r   i n   M a n d a r i n   C h i n e s e

The past three decades have witnessed the unprecedented development of China as the second largest economy in the world and a leading force in global politics, economy, and culture. Economic and cultural ties between the United States and China have also increased exponentially. Fordham has been a participant in these exchanges through IPED and most recently through an agreement with the Business School. In this context, the study of Mandarin language has become increasingly relevant and popular among students at Fordham who want to complement their major and enhance their academic and research opportunities in multiple other fields. The MLL department hopes to contribute to Fordham’s students’ academic and research opportunities by building on our present course offerings in Mandarin and combining them with students’ study abroad experiences in China to establish a minor in Mandarin.


The Mandarin minor consists of six courses, three of which must be taken at Fordham. A minimum grade of C is required in all courses in order to fulfill minor requirements. Students must take 6 courses numbered 1501 and above. These must include 2500 and at least 1 course numbered 3000. Students who placed out of any of the following: MAND 1501, 1502, 2001, will replace them with either 2000 or 3000 upper-level elective courses. Up to 1 course in translation may be applied toward the minor if the readings and assignments are done in Mandarin. Students are encouraged to apply up to 2 courses from study abroad toward the minor, three if they take a course through the university-affiliated Beijing Center:
1. Required Core Courses:

MAND 1501—Intermediate Mandarin I
MAND 1502—Intermediate Mandarin II
MAND 2001—Language and Literature


MAND 1503—Intermediate for Heritage Speakers
MAND 1551—Intermediate Business Mandarin
MAND 2001—Language and Literature
2. Required 2 Advanced Language and Culture Courses:
MAND 2500—Approaches to Literature
And another 2000-level course from the following electives:
Mandarin 2605—Mandarin Conversation & Composition
Mandarin 2650—Advanced Business Mandarin
3. Required 1 3000-level course from the following electives:
MAND 3002—Topics in Chinese Culture
MAND 3040—Topics in Mandarin Chinese Literature
MAND 3999—Independent Study

Study Abroad Policy:
Given the limited number of course offerings in our Fordham Mandarin programs, study abroad in China is highly recommended for students minoring in Mandarin Chinese. Students are encouraged to study abroad during the summer, for a semester, or a year to either fulfill some of the required core courses or take upper-level electives. Study abroad programs provide the sort of immersion experience in spoken everyday Mandarin language and Chinese culture that advance students' goal of proficiency that cannot be replicated in any other way. They may choose from a number of programs vetted by our Office of Study Abroad, including the Beijing Center with which Fordham has a special agreement. Up to two courses  for the minor may be taken abroad. However, if students study at the Beijing Center, they may apply up to three courses toward their minor. 

NOTE: Students who opt to apply study abroad credits toward their minor must have these courses approved by their Mandarin faculty adviser prior to their going abroad.
C o u r s e   O f f e r i n g s   a t   F o r d h a m
MAND 1001 - INTRO TO MANDARIN I (5 credits)
This introductory course focuses on the four skills: speaking, reading, writing, and listening, providing students with a basic knowledge of Chinese Linguistic structures, vocabulary and culture, which, studied interdependently, comprise the Chinese Language.
This intermediate course focuses on the review ofgrammar, intensive practice in conversation and composition as well as reading and discussion of graded literary texts.
Prerequisite(s): MAND 1001 or placement
This intermediate course will continue to focus on training students in the four language skills--speaking, listening, reading, and writing with a gradually increasing emphasis on basic reading. 
Prerequisite(s): MAND 1501 or placement

This course is designed for students with Intermediate Mandarin Chinese language proficiency. The course provides practical business Chinese materials reflecting real world business language and culture. Through many collaborative activities and the introduction of business vocabulary and phrases, students learn to communicate with the Chinese business community in Mandarin Chinese.  
Prerequisite(s): MAND 1502 or placement

This course aims to improve linguistic skills with a manageable degree of challenge. It seeks to enable students to understand face-to-face conversations on the most familiar topics, give factual accounts, read materials written in formal expression, and write simple essays, reports and other types of correspondence. Students are expected to comprehend and produce paragraph-level Chinese and achieve a better understanding of Chinese culture and literature. 
Prerequisite(s): MAND 1502 or placement
MAND 2500—Approaches to Literature (4 credits)
This is an intensive reading course in the major genres of Mandarin Chinese literature. It offers basic introduction to literature in Mandarin Chinese and to the varieties of critical strategies for reading its forms and genres. It aims at broadening one’s knowledge of Chinese culture and society as well as improving reading and writing proficiency. 
Prerequisite(s): MAND 2001 or placement
MAND 2605-- Mandarin CONVER & COMP (4 credits)
This course focuses on intensive practice of the spoken and written language with
an emphasis on proper use of idioms and building of vocabulary based on topics of
interest and relevance. It is a basic course for prospective majors and minors.  
Prerequisite(s): MAND 2001 or placement
MAND 2650—Advanced Business Mandarin (4 credits)
This course aims to develop the oral proficiency in daily communication within the business world and to prepare the students both in technical vocabulary and situational usage. It introduces specialized vocabulary in business and economics, readings in management, operations, marketing, advertising, banking and business correspondence writing. 
Prerequisite(s): MAND 2001 or placement
MAND 3002—Topics in Chinese Culture
The study of Chinese society through its cultural expressions: literature, art, music, film, and print journalism. To focus, in a given semester, on topics such as: “Contemporary Chinese Culture Through Film,” “Chinese Cultural Revolution,” “Gender in Chinese Literature and Film”, “Chinese Art and Literature,” etc. 
Prerequisite(s): MAND 2500
MAND 3040—Topics in Mandarin Chinese Literature The study of the rich tradition of Mandarin Chinese language literature. To focus, in a given semester, on topics such as: “Contemporary Chinese Novel,” “Modern Chinese Poetry,” etc. 
Prerequisite(s): MAND 2500
MAND 3999—Mandarin Independent Study (4 credits)
This course focuses on the study of particular aspects of Mandarin language, literature and thought in the form of independent research and readings. Students will have weekly or bi-weekly meetings with the instructor.
Prerequisite(s): MAND 2500

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