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Natural Science is an interdisciplinary life sciences major, with courses in biology, chemistry and physics. This major is for students who are pre-professional (pre-med, pre-dental, health professions) and for those who intend to go on to graduate school in the life sciences, science education, science journalism and public health. AP credit in biology, physics or chemistry is accepted. All science classes are small (under 25 students) and students are given individual attention. Undergraduate research is conducted both at Lincoln Center and at other medical research facilities (Rockefeller and Cornell.)

The department offers a major in natural science and contributes to:
•    The Environmental Science major
•    The Bioinformatics minor
•    The Neuroscience major
•    The psychology major through specialized introductory            lab courses
•    Preparation of non-science majors for medical, dental,             veterinary and the pre-health professions 
•    The following courses are the Core Curriculum science
      courses for nonmajors. Students are required to take
      their physical science requirement (NSCI 1010 -
      Alchemy to Astrophysics or NSCI 1020 - Physical
      Sciences: Today’s World ) before taking their life
      science requirement (NSCI 1030 - Human Function &
      Dysfunction  or NSCI 1040 – People & the  Living
      Environment ) . In addition, the physical/life science
      requirement can be met by fulfilling the two semester
      sequence with NSCI 1050 - Health and Disease I  and
      NSCI 1051 - Health and Disease II .

Through the investigative experience of exploring the sciences using an interdisciplinary approach, we are committed to providing a unique understanding of the scientific endeavor. Beyond these activities, the integration of theory and practice of science provides a framework for exploring ethical ramifications and its applications. Our graduates understand the importance of commitment to use their education for both their individual development and in helping others. This is evident from the types of humanitarian volunteer activities that our present and former students engage in and the clinical and basic research positions they hold.
       Contact Info 
Dr. Jason Morris, Chairperson
  Department of Natural Sciences
  Fordham College at Lincoln Center
  113 West 60th Street
  New York, NY 10023




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