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The Natural Science Major

All of the courses for the Natural Science major are taught by full-time faculty, with a maximum of 16 students in any laboratory section. This assures you of a small class size with close interaction with all of your professors. We take the time to pay attention to each student as an individual.

Natural Science majors are encouraged to participate in research projects in collaboration with faculty mentors. Our location and the association of our faculty with other institutions (Rockefeller University, Columbia College of Physicians & Surgeons, Brookhaven National Laboratory, etc.) enable students to undertake studies at major research institutions.

Recent student projects have included the study of ultraviolet light on lens proteins, the effects of nitric oxide on cells of the human immune system, and the mechanisms of heavy metal toxicity in invertebrates. In the past several years, financial support for undergraduate research has been available from the Ambrose Memorial Fund and from a number of granting agencies, including the National Science Foundation and the National Institutes of Health. We're very proud of the fact that many of our student-researchers have presented results of their projects at major scientific meeting, and that some of these projects have even been published in leading professional journals.

The Department of Natural Sciences offers a Bachelor of Arts in Natural Science. The major is designed to provide a flexible program enabling the students to pursue a variety of career options. A degree in Natural Science prepares students for admission to medical, dental, and graduate school, or for a career in the life sciences, education, and allied health professions.

For the BA degree in Natural Science, the student must complete the following courses.

NSCI 1403-1404
General Biology I and II
NSCI 1413-1414
General Biology Lab I and II
NSCI 1321-1322
General Chemistry I and II
NSCI 1331-1332
General Chemistry Lab I and II
NSCI 3021-3022
Organic Chemistry I and II
NSCI 1501-1502 General Physics I and II
NSCI 1501-1502 General Physics Lab I and II
NSCI 3031-3032
Organic Chemistry Lab I and II
MATH 1203
Applied Calculus
or MATH 1206
Calculus I
NSCI 2040
Research Design and Analysis
NSCI 4222 
Science, Technology and Society Values*
                 *Does not fulfill the Values Core Requirement

With a score of 4 or 5 on the Advanced Placement (AP) test, course credit may be substituted for some of these requirements. Consult the Chairperson for further information.

Beyond these course requirements, Natural Science majors must satisfactorily complete six one-semester electives from Natural Sciences offerings. At least four of these courses must be laboratory oriented. The following are some of the elective courses available.

NSCI 2010 Global Ecology
NSCI 2012 Immunology
NSCI 2018 Biology of Aging
NSCI 2030 Neuroscience
NSCI 2041 Vertebrate Anatomy
NSCI 3033 Genetics
NSCI 3054 Cell & Development Biology
NSCI 4012 Vertebrate Physiology
NSCI 4043 Advanced Microbiology
NSCI 4044 Microanatomy
NSCI 4053 Biological Chemistry without lab
NSCI 4065 Biochemical Techniques
NSCI 4076 Molecular Biology
NSCI 2060 Environment: Science Law and Policy
NSCI 4999 Independent Studies

Students who identify an interest in the major or with the pre-med program meet regularly with their academic advisor, beginning in the Fall of the first year. From then on, students will meet regularly with a committee of faculty, who review academic progressand discusscareer objectives.

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