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Goals and Objectives

Goals and Objectives

The goals of the Peace and Justice Studies Program are:
To increase knowledge and awareness of basic issues of war, peace, justice, and nonviolence.
To enhance motivation to act upon these issues.
To provide exposure to the religious traditions of the school relating to Peace & Justice.
To develop skills needed for active involvement in the field.
To instill long term commitment to this field.
To generate openness for the study of social, racial and gender equality.

The Required Course:

PJRU 3110
Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies (4 Credits)
Examines in greater or lesser detail: the rationale for peace and justice studies, the history of the arms race, the development of instruments for peaceful resolution of international conflicts, the history of civil disobedience and nonviolence direct action for bringing about social change, the ethical dilemmas posed by resistance to unjust authority and nonviolence movement in the contemporary world.

The Certificate:

Five course:
Students who wish to obtain a certificate in Peace and Justice Studies must take PJRU 3110, which serves as an overview of the topics and approaches covered in the program, and four additional courses from at least three different departments (academic disciplines.)

Of interest:


War and the arms race
Social, racial and gender equality
Economic and environmental justice
Causes and resolution of conflict
Philosophies of nonviolence
Strategies for community and cultural empowerment

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