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Peace and Justice Studies

The Peace & Justice studies Program provides students with the opportunity to address, in an interdisciplinary setting, some of the most central issues of our day.

Key areas covered by this program are:

war and the arms race;
social, racial and gender equality;
economic and environmental justice;
causes and resolution of conflicts;
philosophies of nonviolence;
strategies for community and cultural empowerment.

Issues of peace and justice are discussed from both local and global perspectives.
Advisory Committee
Faculty members are drawn from various departments within the University:

Robin Andersen (communication and media studies)
John Davenport (philosophy)
John Entelis (political science)
Jeanne Flavin (sociology)
Judith Green (philosophy)
Michael Tueth, S.J. (communication and media studies)
Judith Jones (philosophy)
For an application and more information contact:

Orlando Rodriguez (sociology)
Dealy 408A, (718) 817-3867

Maureen H. O'Connell
Lincoln Center

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