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Peace and Justice Studies

The Peace & Justice studies Program provides students with the opportunity to address, in an interdisciplinary setting, some of the most central issues of our day.

Key areas covered by this program are:
  • War and Weapons Proliferation
  • Causes of Conflict, Prevention, and Peaceful Resolution
  • International Governance and the Responsibility to Protect
  • Social, Racial, and Gender Equality
  • Economic and Environmental Justice
  • Social Movements, Religion, and Conflict
  • Democracy and New Medias
  • Humanitarian Organizations and Community Development
From fall 2015 on, the new minor in Peace and Justice will be available. In addition to course to taking courses in Peace and Social/Environmental Justice, students will gain credits towards the minor from service learning, approved Global Outreach trips, social innovation activities through Fordham's new Ashoka programs in social entrepreneurship, approved internships, and related extracurricular work. The program will also offer several events during the academic year for students to meet, discuss, and collaborate.

The new minor is thus an intensive hands-on venture in experiential learning combined with course work relevant to key global, national, and local problems of our time. This minor will make an excellent complement to majors in Humanitarian Affairs, Political Science, English, Philosophy, Theology, Sociology, Economics, and other fields.
Advisory Committee
Faculty members are drawn from various departments within the University:

Robin Andersen (communication and media studies)
John Davenport (philosophy)
John Entelis (political science)
Jeanne Flavin (sociology)
Orlando Rodriguez (sociology)
Michael Tueth, S.J. (communication and media studies)
Judith Jones (philosophy)

For an application and more information contact:

John Davenport (philosophy)
Collins 125, 718-817-2775

Heather Gautney
Lowenstein 821, 212-636-7294

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