Fordham University            The Jesuit University of New York

Required Courses

Requirements include:

Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies, and 4 additional courses from the following list:

Peace and Justice Studies
PJRU 3110 Introduction to Peace and Justice Studies
PJLU 3320 Poems by Poets in Torment (Daniel Berrigan)

African and African-American Studies
AARP 2955 African American Women
AARP 3110 The Black Athlete
AARP 3112 The Sixties: Era of Protest, Era of Change
AARP 3115 Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X
AARP 3120 The Black Church
AARP 3130 Racial & Ethnic Conflict in the American
AARU 3131 Action Research in the Urban Community
AARP 3132 Black Prison Experience
AARV 4000 Affirmative Action: An American Dilemma
AARV 4650 Social Welfare and Society

ANRU 2341 Law in Anthropological Perspective
ANRU 3470 People & Cultures of Latin America

BIRU 1000 Life on Planet Earth

Communication and Media Studies
CMRU 3110 Peace, Justice and the Media
CMRU 3408 The Documentary Idea
CMRV 4004 Issues of Social Ethics in the Telecommunications Era
CMRU 4601 Television and Society

Comparative Literature
CORP 3010 Writing on the Margins

ECRG 3203 World Economic History
ECRG 3210 Economics of Emerging Nations
ECRG 3235 Economics of Latin America
ECRG 3240 World Poverty

ENRG 3591 Post-Colonial Novel in English
ENRU 3650 Counter Culture 1954-1976
ENRU 3802 Literature and Imperialism
Jean Rhys: Rewriting English
ENRU 3914 The Empire Writes Back
ENRU 4097 Modern Theatre of Revolt

HSRU 3015 A Natural History
HSRU 3102 The Worker in American Life
HSRU 3305 Medieval Warfare
HSRU 3534 The Second World War
HSRU 3658 Gender Roles in America
HSRU 3807 Jazz Age to Hard Times
HSRU 3850 International History of the Vietnam War
HSRU 3859 Reform and Reaction in the Modern U.S.
HSRU 3967 Central America II
HSRU 4820 Seminar: American Women & Reform
HSRU 4850 The National Security State: Cold War America
HSRV 4851 Reform Protest and War: The Morality of Violence in 20th Century America

Latin America/Latino Studies
LLRU 4900 Topics in L.A. & Latino Studies

Modern Languages & Literature
MLRU 3120 The Search for Justice
MLRG 3601 Literature/Society in Latin America

PHRV 3107 Gender, Power and Justice
PHRV 3109 Environmental Ethics
PHRU 3116 Moral Responsibility in Community
PHRV 3123 Business Ethics
PHRU 3127 Political Ethics
PHRU 3186 Evil, Vice, and Sin
PHRP 3417 Race and Moral Recognition
PHRP 3720 African American Philosophy
PHRP 3722 Marx's Social Theory
PHRU 3870 Critical Social Theory
PHRU 3901 Philosophical Issues in Feminism
PHRV 4205 Justice and Social Identity
PHRU 4904 Philosophy of Community

PYRU 1203 Environmental Physics

Political Science
PORU 2502 Analysis of International Politics
PORU 2510 United Nations
PORU 2800 Introduction to Political Economy
PORU 2802 Modern Political Economy
PORU 2808 Politics of U.S. Capitalism
PORU 2811 Politics/Communication
PORU 3101 Government and Social Policy
PORG 3109 Political Economy of Poverty
PORU 3140 Politics and Economic Globalization
PORU 3441 Contemporary Feminist Theory
POLU 3503 Political Violence
PORU 3562 Gender Politics in Latin America
PORG 3610  Political Economy of Development
PORU 3901 Politics of Advanced Industrial Society
PORU 3909 Vietnam, Cuba and the JFK Assassination
PORU 4230 Political Economy
PORU 4810 American Political Economy
PORU 4875 Covert Politics
PORV 4210 State, Family and Society

SORP 2420 Social Problems of Race and Ethnicity
SORU 2610 Urban Community Development
SORP 2685 Urban Schools: Crisis and Renewal
SORU 3102 Contemporary Social Issues and Policies
SORU 3110 Global Conflict: Culture Wars, Real Wars and the Role of Religion
SORU 3135 American Social Structure: Power, Status & Community
SORP 3136 Inequality - Why Effects
SORG 3148 Population and Economic Development Issues
SORG 3149 Social Change inCentral America and the Caribbean
SORP 3160 The Modern City
SORP 3405 Gender, Race and Class
SORP 3407 Immigration, Citizenship, Race and Ethnicity
SORV 3448 Questions of Conscience
SORP 3601 Urban Poverty
SORP 3720 U.S. Prison Community
SORU 3721 HIV/AIDS & The Criminal Justice System

RSRU 3110 Women in the New Testament
RSRG 3412 Theology of Liberation
RSRP 3430 Religion and Feminism
RSRU 3432 Peace in a Nuclear Age
RSRV 3448 Questions of Conscience
RSRU 3505 Principles of Morality: Christian Faith and Social Injustice
RSRU 3983 Faith and Economic Systems
RSRV 4005 Feminist Theology
RSRU 4900 Community Service Seminar
SORV 4962 Rebuilding the Inner City

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