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Graduate Student Conference

Spring 2012

Fordham Graduate Conference
The Fordham Philosophical Society hosts an international conference every two years featuring two keynote speakers and an open call for papers from graduate students at all levels of study. Reflecting the broadly pluralistic identity of Fordham's own department, the conference accepts papers from a wide spectrum of philosophical perspectives.
Upcoming Graduate Conference

Spring 2012:
The Truth of Ethics
Keynote Speaker:  Stephen Darwall (Yale)
Plenary Speaker:  Michael Baur (Fordham
Past Conferences
Spring 2010:
Aristotle in the 21st Century
Keynote Speaker: Michael Thompason (Pittsburgh)
Plenary Speaker: John Drummond (Fordham)

Spring 2008:
Cosmopolitanism in Philosophical Contexts: The Vision of the Universal and Attachments to the Particular.
Keynote Speaker: Seyla Benhabib (Yale)
Plenary Speaker: John Davenport (Fordham)

Spring 2006: The Future of Philosophy
Keynote Speaker: Prof.
Alain Badiou
Plenary Speaker: Prof. John Greco

Spring 2004: Metaphysics and Critique
Keynote Speaker: Prof. William Desmond
Plenary Speaker: Prof. James Marsh

Spring 2002: Philosophies of the Self: Epistemological, Metaphysical, and Moral Reflections
Keynote Speaker: Prof. Dieter Sturma
Plenary Speaker: Prof. Merold Westphal

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