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Philosophical Red Star Line
Philosophical Red Star Line is a collaborative enterprise between the graduate and post-doctoral philosophical associations of Fordham University, New York, and the University of Antwerp, Belgium. The Philosophical Red Star Line seeks both to bring the work of young philosophical scholars to a wide audience addressing questions of pressing contemporary importance, and to further collaborative academic ties between the United States and Europe.  The conference is held once every two years.
The Philosophical Red Star Line derives its name from the historic Red Star Line, the famous passenger line that linked, among other cities, New York City and the Belgian port Antwerp. It is currently estimated that 1 in every 20 Americans is a descendant of a European immigrant who arrived on the Red Star Line. In the spirit of continued ties and collaboration between the United States and the European Continent, the Philosophical Red Star Line hosts conferences wherein young scholars address a public audience on a subject of contemporary importance.
2011 The Concept of Life
Past Conferences
2009 The Nature of Normativity

2007 The End of Secular Thought?

2005 The Reason of Terror (Publication) eds. Kem Crimmins and Herbert de Vriese, Peeters Publishers (2006)
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