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Admissions and Financial Aid

Admissions and Financial Aid

Admission Requirements

Ph.D. and M.A. Programs
  • At least 24 undergraduate credits in philosophy, preferably a major. Non-philosophy majors should have solid training in some other demanding discipline, such as mathematics, science, classical Latin or Greek.
  • An undergraduate GPA of not less than 3.3 for seven semesters is required, with an average of 3.5 in philosophy.
  • GRE general aptitude exam.
  • International students must pass the TOEFL examination.
  • The department may prescribe additional course work for students whose backgrounds are deficient, in which case the time limit for completion of course work will be extended.
  • In addition to the regular doctoral program, which grants an MA degree as an intermediate step, the department admits qualified students as candidates for a terminal MA degree.
  • For information about applying to do graduate work in philosophy at Fordham, please go to Admissions on the web-site of Fordham's Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS).
M.A.P.R Program

An undergraduate GPA of not less than 3.0 for the last two years of undergraduate work or for at least six credits of graduate work.

Financial Aid

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences at Fordham University offers approximately seven financial aid awards per year to students entering the doctoral program in philosophy. Each award is guaranteed for six years (five years for students entering with an M.A.) provided that students make satisfactory progress toward the degree. Students serve as graduate assistants for the first two years, and they are expected to assist a faculty member in his or her teaching or research. A graduate assistant is expected to perform these duties for approximately fifteen hours a week. After completing their qualifying papers and the Seminar in Philosophical Education, graduate assistants become teaching fellows for the next three years. As such, they have responsibility for their own courses. Stipends are increased when an assistantship changes to a fellowship.

Both fellowships and assistantships include tuition remission for up to twelve credits per semester and for six credits in the summer.

N.B. Only applicants for the PhD program are eligible to apply for financial aid.  To find out more about the procedures and deadlines for applying for financial aid, visit the financial aid page on the website of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.

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