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Unless otherwise specified, all classes are in the Philosophy Conference Room, CO 139

FALL 2014

5001 Introduction to Plato D. Tress
T 11:00-1:00 Ancient
5003 Natural Law Ethics J. Koterski, S.J. F 11:00-1:00 Other
5009 Introduction to Aristotle D. Tress W 12:00-2:00 Ancient
5098 Seminar: Phil Integration I T. Krettek, S.J. W 9:00-11:00  
7076 Metaphysical Themes In Duns Scotus G. Pini M 5:30-7:30 Medieval
7110 Descartes and Spinoza D. Balestra T 1:30-3:30 Modern
7204 Wittgenstein & Later Wittgensteinians S. Grimm R 4:00-6:00 Analytic
7220 Merleau-Ponty's Philosophy S. Whitney M 2:30-4:30 Continental
7650 Aristotelian Ethics D. Miller
T 4:00-6:00 Ancient
8050 Proseminar: Phil Rsch/Writing J. Drummond M 11:00-1:00  


5010 Intro to Aquinas G. Klima T 11:00-1:00 Medieval
5012 Intro to Augustine C. Cullen, S.J. R 2:30-4:30 Medieval
5099 Seminar: Phil Integration II T. Krettek, S.J. TBD TBD  
5114 Normative Ethical Theory J. Davenport F 2:00-4:00 Analytic
7760 Dimensions of Political Justice J. Davenport T 4:00-6:00 Analytic
6460 Intentionality G. Klima F 11:00-1:00  
6850 Hermeneutics C. Gschwandtner M 2:30-4:30 Continental
7149 Hegel's Phenomenology M. Baur T 1:30-3:30 Modern
8001 Seminar: Phil Education C. Gowans W 11:00-1:00  
8050 Proseminar: Phil/Rsch/Writing J. Drummond M 11:00-1:00  
8070 Professional Writing Seminar TBD TBD    

Fall 2013

Course Number and Title Instructor Day Time Fulfills
5001 Introduction to Plato B. Johnson T 3:15-5:15 Ancient
5005 Classical Modern Philosophy D. Balestra T 9:00-11:00 Modern
5009 Introduction to Aristotle D. Tress W 12:15-2:15 Ancient
5075 Continental Philosophy and Faith C. Gschwandtner T 5:30-7:30 Contemporary Continental
5098 Seminar: Philosophical Integration I T. Krettek T 9:00-11:00 (Spellman Hall)
5100 Logic W. Jaworski M 2:00-4:00 Analytic 
6251 American Pragmatism J. Green R 3:15-5:15 Contemporary Other
7071 Aquinas: Questions on God in Summa Theologiae B. Davies M 7:00-9:00 Medieval
7140 Kant and German Idealism R. Winegar T 1:00-3:00 Modern
7236 The Emotions and Moral Perception J. Drummond F 2:00-4:00 Contemporary Continental
8050 Proseminar Phi Reearch/Writing J. Drummond F




Course Number and Title Instructor Day Time Fulfills
5002 19th Century Philosophy M. Baur T 9:00-11:00 Modern
5010 Introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas B. Davies M 7:00-9:00 Medieval
5012 Introduction to St. Augustine G. Klima F 2:00-4:00 Medieval
5099 Seminiar: Philosophical Integration II T. Krettek TBA TBA (CO 126) 
5114 Normative Ethical Theories J. Strabbing F 10:30-12:30 Contemporary Analytic 
6457 The Mind-Body Problem W. Jaworski M 4:00-6:00 Contemporary Analytic
7018 Ancient Psychology D. Miller T 4:00-6:00 Ancient
7161 Nietzsche B. Babich W 6:00-8:00 Contemporary Continental
7229 Derrida S. Haddad R 2:30-4:30 Contemporary Continental
7350 Evidential Undermining N. Ballantyne W 12:15-2:15 Contemporary Analytic
8001 Seminar: Philosophical Education C. Gowans W 10:00-12:00  
8050 Proseminar Phil Research/Writing  J. Drummond R 10:00-12:00  
8070 Professional Writing Seminar N. Ballantyne F 4:00-6:00  

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