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Graduate Placement Information

Placement Information

The information provided on this page indicates, depending upon what is available in our records, either a graduate's first placement or current position. When both are available, we include that information.

Year Student Dissertation Placement

Jared Woodard

"Material Composition and Theory Choice"

Did not apply for teaching positions


John Mumm

"The Standpoint We Share: An Intersubjective Constructivist Account of Normative Reasons"  

Gregory Lynch

"Answering to the World: Language and Normativity in Gadamer and Davidson" 1. Fordham University (post-doctoral teaching fellow, 2013-)
2. North Central College (tenture-track, 2014-)

Charles Lassiter

"Signs, Signs, Everywhere are Signs":Extended Encultured Cognition and Implicature Calculation

1. Gonzaga University (1 year full time position)
2. Gonzaga University (tenure-track, 2014-)


Andrew J. Komasinski

"Moral Selfhood from Kant to Kierkegaard" Hokkaido University of Education (1-year appointment)

Zane Yi

"The Possibility of God: An Examination and Evaluation of Charles Taylor's Transcendental Critique of Closed-Worlds"

Loma Linda University (tenture track, 2013-)


Margaret Hughes

"Sculpting the Moral Man: Josef Pieper on the Perception of Beautiful Art in Moral Formation"  


College of Mount Saint Vincent, New York (tenure track 2012-)


Sterling Berry-Whitlock

"Contemporary Philosophy of Law and the Problem of the Rule of Recognition



Adam Wood

The Immateriality of the  Intellect in Thomas Aquinas' Philosophical Psychology"

Wheaton College (tenure track, 2012-)

2012 Aaron Converse "An Examination of Aquinas's Approach to Conscience" Did not apply for teaching positions
2012 Ian Rottenberg "Sacred Text as Saturated Phenomenon: The Unspoken Command of Scripture" St. Leo University (tenture track, 2012-)
2012 Christopher Rice "The Value of Relationships with Other Species" 1. Fordham University (post-doctoral teaching fellow, 2012-)
2. Lynn University (tenure-track 2014-)
2012 Johanna Nashi "A Humanistic Approach to Bystander Responsibility in Cases of Crimes against Humanity and Genocide" Did not apply for teaching positions
2012 Sr. Mary Denise D'Attore "Thomas Aquinas on the Role of Second-Order Judgment in Human Electio" Did not apply for teaching positions
2011 Eleanor Helms A Kierkegaardian Phenomenology of Authorship California Polytechnic State University (tenure-track, 2011-)

2011 David Zoller Heidegger and Social Identity: A Phenomenological Analysis of Judgments of Cultural Identity and Difference California Polytechnic State University
 (part-time, 2011-)

2011 Thomas Becker John Finnis on the Obligation to Follow Unjust Laws Did not apply for teaching positions

2011 Kirk Kanzelberger The Mystical Daydream: Fictive Being and the Motive of Evil Did not apply for teaching positions

2011 Seth Joshua Thomas A  Pragmatist Recovery of Health: Rethinking the Limits of Biomedicine St. John's University, NY (tenure-track, 2011-)

2011 David Storey Nature, Nihilism, and Life in Heidegger and Nietzsche: Naturalistic Metaphysical Foundations for Environmental Ethics 1. Fordham University (post-doctoral teaching fellowship, 2011-)
2. Boston College (visiting assistant professor, 2013-)

2011 Scott O'Leary The Significance of Affect: On the Practical Functions of Emotion University of St. Mary, KS
(tenure-track, 2011-)

2011 Andrew Henscheid Love's Authority: Kierkegaard and the Question of Autonomy  

2011 Gary Gabor 'Carving Nature at its Joints': The Platonic Method of Division in Plato, Aristotle, and their Neoplatonic Commentators 1. Boston College (2-year visiting assistant professor position, 2011-2013, non-tenure track)
2. Hamline University (tenure-track 2012-)

2010 Richard Kenneth Atkins Successful Perceiving 1. Fordham University (post-doctoral teaching fellow, 2010-12)
2. Iona College (visiting assistant professor, 2012-14)
3. Boston College (tenure-track, 2014-)

2010 Stephen Chamberlain Thomist Realism and the Hermeneutic Turn: A Study of Intentionality, Signs, and Language Rockhurst University, MO

2010 Daniel Fincke On Deriving and Defending an Axiology of the Will to Power  

2010 Dylan Futter Belief and Persuasion in the Socratic Elenchus University of the Witwatersrand (tenure-track)

2010 Kyle Hubbard 'Who Then Are You, My God?': Augustine of Hippo and Jean-Luc Marion on the Nature and Possibility of Loving God Wheaton College (temporary non-tenure-track)

2009 Ariane Economos Intellectus and Induction: Three Aristotelian Commentators on the Cognition of First Principles, Including an Original Translation of John Buridan's Quaestiones in Duos Aristotilis Libros Posteriorum Analyticorum 1. Fordham University (post-doctoral teaching fellow, 2008-2010)
2. Marymount University (tenure-track, 2010-)

2009 E.Das Janssen              Transgressive Dasein: An Applied Ontology of Sex and Gender
Chicago State University (assistant professor, tenure-track, 2009-)

2009 Adam Konopka An Introduction to Husserl's Phenomenology of Umwelt: Reconsidering the Natur/Geist Distinction Toward an Environmental Philosophy 1. Fordham University (post-doctoral teaching fellow, 2008-2010)
2. Collegeof Mount Saint Joseph (tenure-track, 2010-)

2009 Emmanuel Nartey Mind-Body Distinction and the Problem of the Hylomorphic Constitution ofCartesian Composites LaGuardia College of CUNY (tenure-track)

2009 Eoin O'Connell Kant's Moral Idealism: The Nature and Role of the Highest Good in Kant's Theory of Practical Reason Manhattan College (tenure-track)

2009 Anne Ozar Sincerity: A Phenomenological Investigation Creighton University (tenure-track)

2008 David Becker The Question of Coherence in Schopenhauer's System: An Examination of the Doctrine of the Will's Self-Overcoming Did not apply for teaching positions

2008 David Borman The Organization of the Enlightenment: Habermas, Socialization, and the Possibility of Autonomy 1. University of Winnipeg (contract position, 2008-2012)
2. Nipissing University (tenure-track, 2012-)

2008 Daniel Breyer Cognitive Agency and Belief Ownership: Rethinking Epistemic Justification Illinois State University (tenure-track)

2008 Edgar Devina The Ground of the Normative Force of Discourse: A Lonerganian Reconstruction of Habermas's Communicative Rationality Did not apply for teaching positions

2008 Jane Dryden Relational Autonomy: Bridging a Gap Between Feminisim and German Idealism Mount Allison University (tenure-track)

2008 James Stone The Foundation of Universal and Necessary Propositions in Select Writings of St. Thomas Aquinas Did not apply for teaching positions

2008 Joseph Trabbic Aquinas, God, and Ontotheology Ave Maria University (renewable)

2007 Christopher Arroyo Kant and Husserl on Moral Obligation and Emotions 1. Dominican College (tenure-track, 2006–7)
2. Providence College, (tenure-track, 2007–)

2007 Michael Boring Kierkegaard, Levinas, Derrida: Religious Subjectivity in Postmodernity University of Colorado at Denver (non-tenure track)

2007 Ryan Gable Being and Husserl’s Transcendental Reduction:  The Possibilities for Ontology within Husserl’s Transcendental Phenomenology St. Dominic's Priory (Dominican novice)

2007 Christopher Harless Sartre's Ethics and the Dialectic of History: Searching for a Ground of Hope for the City of Ends Regis University (part-time adjunct)

2007 Rosa Slegers Courageous Vulnerability: Ethics and Knowledge in Proust's À la recherche du temps perdu Approached throughthePhilosophies of Bergson, James, and Marcel 1. Centre College, KY (tenure-track, 2007-2009)
2. Babson College, MA (tenure-track, 2009-)

2006 Meredith Gunning About Face: Altered States of Subjectivity in Levinas Northern Essex CC, MA (tenure-track)

2006 Matthew Kent Prime Matter According to St. Thomas Aquinas 1. St. Mary's College, MI
(adjunct instructor, 2002-3)
2. University of St. Thomas, MN (visiting instructor, 2003-5)
Russell Kirk Center for Cultural Renewal, MI (Wilbur Fellow, 2005-6)
3. University of St. Thomas, MN (adjunct instructor, 2008-)

2006 Katherine Kirby The Ethical Priority of Infinite Obligation: Levinasian Vulnerability as the Condition for the Possibility of Virtue St. Michael's College, VT (tenure-track)

2006 Stephen Minister Sizing Up Infinite Alterity: The Possibility of a Levinasian Practical Ethics 1. Fordham University (post-doctoral teaching fellow, 2006–7)
2. Augustana College, SD (tenure-track, 2007–)

2006 Yutaka Shimada Lonergan's Critical Realism, Isomorphism, and Metaphysics of Proportionate Being in Insight: An Encounter with the Critical Problem of Knowledge Did not apply for teaching positions

2006 John Stefanczyk St. Thomas Aquinas' Confrontation with Neoplatonic Thought in Three Commentaries, and in the Treatise on Separate Substances Did not apply for teaching positions

2005 Craig Condella The Question Concerning Ecology: Heidegger's Appropriation of Aristotle on the Way to an Environmental Ethic 1. Fordham University (post-doc teaching fellow, 2004–6)
2. Salve Regina College, RI (tenure-track, 2006–)

2005 Jeffrey Hanson Breaking with the Secular:
Toward an Authentically Religious Postmodernism
Australian Catholic University  (tenure-track)

2005 Brian Harding Libido Dominandi: Augustine's Genealogy of a Fallen World Texas Woman's University (tenure-track)

2005 Barbara Lowe Beyond Recognition: A Feminist-Pragmatist Account of Esthetic Moral Agency St. John Fisher College, NY (tenure-track)

2005 John Neubauer The Role of Feelings in Kant's Moral Philosophy Did not apply for teaching positions—retired

2004 Corey Beals Levinas and the Wisdom of Love: Breaking Gyges’ Secret George Fox University, OR (tenure-track)

Mark Van Hollebeke John Dewey's Pragmatic Reconstruction of Subjectivity                                          
Seattle University (renewable non-tenure-track )

2004 Michael Kelly Self-Awareness in Transcendence 1. Fordham University (post-doctoral teaching fellow, 2003–4)
2. Boston College (indefinitely renewable non-tenure-track, 2004–2012)
3. University of San Diego (tenure-track, 2012-)

2004 Alan Rhoda The Problem of Induction: An Epistemological and Methodological Response University of Nevada, Las Vegas (renewable non-tenure-track)

2004 Antonella Surbone From Truth-Telling To Truth-Making In Medicine NYU European School of Oncology (also an M.D.)

2003 Matthew Edgar Autonomy and Heteronomy: Buber, Levinas, and Hegel on the Social Source of Obligation Xavier University, OH (non-tenure track)

2003 Anthony Giampietro The New Natural Law Theory and the Question of Same-sex Marriage University of St. Thomas, MN (tenure-track)

2003 Brian Henning A Genuine Ethical Universe: Beauty, Morality, and Nature in a Processive Cosmos 1. Mount Saint Mary's University, MD (tenure-track, 2003-2008)
2. Gonzaga University (tenure-track)

2003 Gwynn Markle Freedom, Justice, and Recognition: the Normative Grounds of Hegel’s Social Theory and Axel Honneth’s Critical Theory Loyola Marymount University, CA (part-time adjunct)

2003 Michael Sharkey Heidegger, Lonergan and Authenticity: An Inquiryinto the Role of Intelligence in Praxis University of Wisconsin at Platteville (tenure-track)

2003 Joseph Burner Smith The Emergence of an Ecological Way of Life St. John's College, NM (tenure-track)

2003 Elizabeth Sonnier Whitehead’s Theory of Inheritance San Jose Public Library

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