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In Fordham's liberal arts tradition, philosophy has a special role in the development of the mature individual. Philosophy provides students the opportunity to reflect on the most fundam ental questions that concern human beings and the ultimate dimensions of their world. The courses in philosophy acquaint students with the intellectual and moral traditions of their civilization and aim to develop in the student the skills necessary to think clearly and carefully for themselves--to question their assumptions and to judge their principles critically with the depth required for them to act as mature, integrated, free persons in their society and to provide it with enlightened, responsible leadership and service. 

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Jennifer A. Gosetti-Ferencei
Director, Graduate Studies
Samir Haddad
Associate Chair, Rose Hill Undergraduate Studies
Bryan Frances Associate Chair, Lincoln Center Undergraduate Studies
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Director, MAPR Program
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DISTINCTIONSThe department is pleased to be the home of the 3.85 million dollar Varieties of Understanding project from 2013-2016. In conjunction with New York University, the University of California-Berkeley, and Princeton Theological Seminary, the project will explore the various ways in which human beings understand the world and how that understanding might be improved. It is made possible by support from the John Templeton Foundation, with additional support from the Henry Luce Foundation.

Congratulations to Brian Davies for his promotion to Distinguished Professor. Professor Davies works in medieval philosophy and philosophy of religion.

Congratulations also to Jeffrey Flynn for becoming a tenured member of the department and being promoted to Associate Professor. Professor Flynn specializes in critical theory and political philosophy.

Congratulations as well to Brian Johnson for becoming a tenured member of the department. Professor Johnson specializes in ancient philosophy.


We are pleased to announce that Christina Gschwandtner is joining us as a tenured Associate Professor beginning in the Fall 2013 semester. Her specialization is continental philosophy of religion. She will be teaching at the Rose Hill campus.

We are also happy to report that Shiloh Whitney (Ph.D. McGill University) is joining the department in Fall 2013 as an Assistant Professor. She works in continental philosophy, phenomenology and feminist philosophy, and will be teaching primarily at the Lincoln Center campus.

Finally, we are happy to announce three new Post-Doc Teaching Fellows for the 2013-14 academic year, all at the Rose Hill campus:

  • Greg Lynch (Ph.D. Fordham) He works in philosophy and hermeneutics as well as the philosophy of language.
  • Sina Kramer (Ph.D. DePaul) She specializes in modern European philosophy, social and political philosophy, and feminist philosophy.
  • Myrto Mylopoulos (Ph.D. Graduate Center, CUNY) Her work focuses on philosophy of mind, philosphy of cognitive science, and philosophy of action.


PHILOSOPHY DEPARTMENT EVENTSLecture by Daryl Tress (Fordham University), September 19, 2014
Walton Lecture in Science, Philosophy and Religion by Elizabeth Johnson (Fordham University), September 24, 2014
Lecture by Simon Critchley (The New School), October 17, 2014
31st Annual Meeting of the Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy (SAGP) with the Society for the Study of Islamic Philosophy and Science (SSIPS), October 24-26, 2014
Research Seminar by Felix O Murchadha (National University of Ireland, Galway), October 28, 2014
Sullivan Lecture by Paul Boghosian (New York University), November 6, 2014
Walton Lecture in Science, Philosophy and Religion by Stephen Grimm (Fordham University), November 12, 2014
Research Seminar by Rik Van Nieuwenhove (Mary Immaculate College University of Limerick), November 14, 2014
Lecture by Michelle Ann Kosch (Cornell University), March 5, 2015
Walton Lecture in Science, Philosophy and Religion by Harold Robinson (Central European University) and William Jaworski (Fordham University), March 31, 2015
Suarez Lecture by Robert Pasnau (University of California Berkeley), April 201
Walton Lecture in Science, Philosophy and Religion by John Cottingham (University of London), April 21, 2015
 For details about these events, go here.
The Fordham Epistemology and Ethics Workshops will be held throughout the year at the Lincoln Center Campus. For information, go here:
The John C. and Jeanette D. Walton Workshops in Science, Philosophy and Religion are open to interested New York area professionals. They are held at the Lincoln Center Campus. For information go here:
Early Modern Workshop. This annual workshop fosters exchange and collaboration among scholars, students, and anyone with an interest in Early Modern Philosophy  (roughly covering the period 1600-1800).
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