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Derrida (PHIL 7229)
Fordham University, Spring 2014
Professor:                  Samir Haddad

Office:                        Collins Hall 110

Class Times:              Thursday, 2:30-4:30, in the Collins Hall conference room.


Description: This course aims to provide a survey of Jacques Derrida's writings, early through late. We will begin with a selection of Derrida's works from the late 1960s, focusing in particular on his deconstruction of the speech/writing distinction, his notion of différance, and his engagement with the traditional understanding of time. Next we will follow a sequence of texts on the concept of foundation, beginning with Derrida's reading of Austin's speech act theory, passing through some of his writings on education, and culminating in his work on law and justice. Finally, we will read some of Derrida's texts on the gift, forgiveness, and hospitality.

Texts: Available at the bookstore:

            Derrida, Dissemination, trans. Barbara Johnson, University of Chicago Press, 1981.

            Derrida, Given Time 1: Counterfeit Money, trans. Peggy Kamuf, University of Chicago           Press, 1991.

            Derrida, Of Hospitality, trans. Rachel Bowlby, Stanford University Press, 2000

All other assigned readings will be available on Blackboard.

Assessment:              Weekly response

                                    Research paper

Weekly response: Each week you are required to email me a response to the reading by 9am

Thursday. This can be of any length.

Research Paper: A 16-20 page paper due at the end of the semester.


Tentative Schedule (subject to modification):

January 16      Introduction

                        Excerpt from "Positions"

                        "Choosing One's Heritage" in For What Tomorrow


23                    "Plato's Pharmacy" Part I, in Dissemination

                        Plato, Phaedrus, esp. 274b-279c


30                    "Plato's Pharmacy" Part II, in Dissemination

                        Plato, Phaedrus, esp. 274b-279c       


February 6      "Writing and Man's Exploitation by Man" and "That Dangerous Supplement" in                                 Of Grammatology, pp. 118-164


13                    "Différance" in Margins of Philosophy

                        "The Original Discussion of 'Différance'" in Wood and Bernasconi (eds.) Derrida                                   and Différance


20                    “Ousia and Grammē”, in Margins of Philosophy

Heidegger, Being and Time, §§6, 81-83 (pp. 19-27, 420-437)
Aristotle, Physics,IV 10-14

Kant, Critique of Pure Reason, Sec 2 of the Trans. Aesthetic (pp. B46-B58)

Hegel, Philosophy of Nature, §§253-259 (pp. 28-40)

27                    "Signature Event Context" in Margins of Philosophy

                        Austin, from How to Do Things with Words, pp. 1-24, 94-108, 133-147

                        Selections from "Limited Inc. a, b, c…" in Limited Inc


March 6          "Declarations of Independence" in Negotiations      

                        "Otobiographies" in The Ear of the Other

                        Nietzsche, from The Future of Our Educational Institutions


13                    "Mochlos, or the Conflict of the Faculties" in The Eyes of the University: Right to                      Philosophy 2

                        Kant, from "The Conflict of the Faculties"

                        "The Laws of Reflection" in Psyche: Inventions of the Other


20                    No class - Spring Break


27                    "Force of Law: The 'Mystical Foundation of Authority" in Acts of Religion

                        Benjamin, "Critique of Violence"


April 3            Given Time: 1. Counterfeit Money, Chapters 1-2

                        Mauss, from The Gift


10                    Given Time: 1. Counterfeit Money, Chapters 3-4


17                    No class - Easter Break


24                    "To Forgive: The Unforgivable and the Imprescriptible" in Caputo et al. (eds.)                           Questioning God.

                        "On Forgiveness: A Roundtable Discussion with Jacques Derrida" in Caputo et                                 al. (eds.) Questioning God.

May 1              Of Hospitality

8                      "Hostipitality", in Acts of Religion

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