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Integration Seminar - Krettek


PHIL 5098-R01 – Tentative Syllabus


Tom Krettek, S.J.

Class Hours:               Wednesday 9:00—11:00 A.M.

Room:                         Collins 139                
Office:                         Collins B27                

Office Hours:              TBD

                                    By Appointment

Office Phone:              718-817-5896

Course Purpose:

“The ‘habitus philosophicus’ which this time of studies enables us to acquire to some extent is more than ever necessary today. … In this context, philosophy offers itself as a means for understanding with greater clarity the nature and worth of aspirations for a new social and international order. The problems of justice and of human rights, dialogue between religions and cultures, the new ethical questions which loom up in a changing world, are so many challenges to human thought. … The service of faith also requires the contribution of philosophical discussion as an indispensable instrument to take up the challenge of a world wherein one confronts the loss of all sense of transcendence, the pretensions of totalitarian ideologies, or finally the reduction of religious values to meaninglessness.” (Fr. Kolvenbach, Letter on First Studies)

Course Goals: “An integration seminar in the final year cultivates a personal synthesis of the issues raised by the courses over the three year program and also prepares Jesuit students for the De universa philosophia examination.”

1.     Prepare Jesuit students to take and pass the de universa philosophia examination.

2.     Assist Jesuit students in developing a personal synthesis of their philosophical education that prepares them for working in our mission of service of the faith that does justice and at the frontiers in dialogue with the natural sciences, social sciences, modern communications, other religions, and culture.

3.     Enable the Jesuit students to grasp some of the relationships between Faith and Reason and Philosophy and Theology.


Schedule of Classes:

August 27:                   Introduction and Woodhouse, Preface to Philosophy, Chapters I to V
September 3:               Woodhouse, Preface to Philosophy, Chapters VI to VII, Appendix and Glossary

September 10:             Retrieving the Ancients – Introduction and Chapters 1 and 2

September 17:             Retrieving the Ancients – Chapters 3 and 4

September 24:             Philosophy for Understanding Theology, Introduction through Chapter 6

October 1:                   Understanding Our Being – Introduction and Part 1

October 8                    Understanding Our Being – Part 2

October 15                  Understanding Our Being – Part 3

October 22                  Philosophy for Understanding Theology, Chapter 7 through 13

October 29                  The Logic of Modernity – Chapters 1 through 4

November 5                The Logic of Modernity – Chapter 6 and The Modern Philosophical Revolution, Chapter 1

November 12              The Logic of Modernity – Chapter 7 and 8 and The Modern Philosophical Revolution, Chapter 2

November 19              The Modern Philosophical Revolution – Introduction and Chapters 3 and 4

November 26              Thanksgiving break

December 3                 The Modern Philosophical Revolution – Chapters 5 and 6

December 10               The Modern Philosophical Revolution, Chapters 7 and 8 and Epilogue


Allen, D. and Springsted, E. Philosophy for Understanding Theology, Second Edition

Carlson, John.  Understanding Our Being

Galgan, Gerald. The Logic of Modernity

Roochnik, David.  Retrieving the Ancients

Walsh, David. The Modern Philosophical Revolution

Woodhouse, M. A Preface to Philosophy. Ninth Edition.


Course Requirements:         

1.     Attendance is required. More than three absences will result in a failing grade for the semester.

2.     Reading the Assignments and Participation (10%).

3.     Weekly Exercises (60%).

4.     Papers (30%).

5.     Final Oral Exam

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