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Introduction to Aristotle - Tress

PHGA 5009 Introduction to Aristotle
Professor Daryl Tress
Tuesdays, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm


The Basic Works of Aristotle.  Richard McKeon, ed.
Aristotle the Philosopher.  J.L. Ackrill
Aristotle.  David Ross
Other readings will be on reserve for the course or will be distributed in class.

Course Plan

Week 1: Preliminaries; General introduction to Aristotle

Week 2: Logic - the basic structures of thought and reasoning
Reading:  Categories

Week 3: Logic – cont’d.

Week 4: Nature - the character of natural bodies; motion and change and their causes;  the order of nature as a whole
Reading:  Physics I-III.2

Week 5: Nature, cont’d.

Week 6: Soul - the principle of life; the structure and effects of soul; soul and Body; “hylomorphism"; sensing and thinking
Reading:  De Anima

Week 7: Soul, cont’d.

Week 8: Living Things, Aristotle's natural history;  philosophical questions concerning formal and material causes in the generation and growth of animals
Reading: selections from Generation of Animals I, II and Parts of Animals          

Week 9: Virtue, Happiness;  Human Communities - practical knowledge regarding one's own well-being and living with others
Reading: selections from: Nicomachean Ethics, Politics

Week 10: Virtue, Happiness;  Human Communities, cont’d.

Week 11: Virtue, Happiness;  Human Communities, cont’d.

Week 12: Being; God - the investigation of being as such, reality itself; wisdom; Prime Mover
Reading:  portions of the Metaphysics          

Week 13: Being; God, cont’d.

Week 14: Being; God, cont’d.

Week 15: Final Exam


45%     Paper (1 20-page paper or 2 10-page papers)
30%     Final exam (Essay questions)
20%     Three quizzes (Short answers based on the day’s reading; no make-ups)
5%       Class contribution, participation

Contact Information
Office: Collins Hall, room 113
I encourage you to come by during office hours to discuss class topics or philosophy more broadly. You may drop in, or make an appointment if you prefer. Let’s get acquainted.


Telephone: (718) 817-3311   (I don’t check my messages frequently.  It’s better to contact me by e-mail.)

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