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Introduction to St. Thomas - Davies

INTRODUCTION TO ST.THOMAS - 11662 - PHIL 5010 - R01            Professor Brian Davies



This course will be a general introduction to Aquinas's philosophical thinking.  We shall pay special attention to his philosophy of God.  We shall also look at what he says about questions such as the scope of human knowledge, the nature of the human being, and the nature and significance of human action.


As well as being expository, the course will consider the cogency of Aquinas's positions on various topics.  It will also try to relate what Aquinas says to what other philosophers, especially modern and contemporary ones, have had to say.


The course will not presuppose any previous knowledge of Aquinas on the part of students.



Course Requirements


1.    Attendance at all classes

2.    One end of term paper (6000-8000 words)



Required Texts


1.         Brian Davies, The Thought of Thomas Aquinas (Oxford University Press, 1992)

2.         Timothy McDermott (ed.), Aquinas: Selected Philosophical Writings (Oxford University

Press, 1993)

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