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Kant and German Idealism

PHIL 7140
Kant and German Idealism
Prof. Winegar
In his third and final critique, the Critique of the Power of Judgment, Kant attempts to unify his theoretical and practical philosophies. This work exerted a tremendous influence on the entire German Idealist tradition, deeply influencing German Idealist discussions of aesthetics, epistemology, metaphysics, morality, religion, and science. This course will attempt to understand the development of German Idealism through the lens of Kant's Critique of the Power of Judgment. The course will first examine the major elements of Kant's theoretical and practical philosophies, as described in the Critique of Pure Reason and Critique of Practical Reason. The course will, then, focus on the details of Kant's Critique of the Power of Judgment before, finally, examining how thinkers like Hegel, Schelling, and Schiller helped to develop the German Idealist tradition in the wake of Kant’s third and final critique. No prior acquaintance with Kant or German Idealism will be presumed, and all of the course readings will be available in English translation.

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