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Proseminar in Philosophical Research and Writing

Proseminar in Philosophical Research and Writing
(PHIL 8050)
Fordham University, 2012-13
Professor:                  Samir Haddad
Office:                                    Collins Hall 110
Office phone:             718-817-2767
Office hours:              Tuesday 11:30-3:30, Thursday 12:30-2:30, and by appointment.
Class Times:              Fall: every second Friday, 11:20-1:20, in the Collins Conference Room.
                                    Spring: every second Friday, 9:15-11:15, in the Collins Conference Room.
Description: The aim of this course is to introduce and develop the research, writing and professional skills needed for the successful completion of a Ph.D. in Philosophy. In the Fall we will have sessions devoted to research methods, writing, and various aspects of professional philosophical life such as conferences, grants, publishing, and the job market. In the Spring we will run a writing workshop, in which each session will involve the analysis and discussion of one student’s work.
This course is compulsory for, and limited to, 1st year Ph.D. students, and the credit does not count towards satisfying the course requirement for the Ph.D. program.
Texts:             You will be a provided with a copy of each of the following texts:
Cahn, Steven M. From Student to Scholar: A Candid Guide to Becoming a Professor. (New York: Columbia Univ. Press, 2008.)
Solem, Michael, ed., Aspiring Academics: A Resource Book for Graduate Students and Early Career Faculty. (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Prentice Hall, c2009.)
            Booth, Wayne C. et al., The Craft of Research. (Chicago: U of Chicago Press, 2008.)
Martinich, A.P. Philosophical Writing: An Introduction. (Cambridge, MA: Blackwell Publishers, 1996.)
These are a loan, so please do not write in them, keep them in good shape, so that they can be passed on to next year’s class.
Proposed Schedule:
Fall Semester
1 – Friday Aug 31                   Introduction
2 – Friday Sept 14                   Research, constructing a reading list
-        Library workshop, 1:45-2:45.
-        Read The Craft of Research pp.31-101.
3 – Friday Sept 28                   Conferences and publishing
4 – Friday Oct 12                    Pluralism and diversity in Philosophy
5 – Friday Oct 26                    Paper writing (Bennett and Gorowitz very good)
6 – Friday Nov 9                     The job market
7 – Friday Nov 30                   Faculty seminar (Winegar)
Spring semester
1 possible faculty seminar, and 7 writing workshop sessions, time and dates to be determined.
To do:
Organize library visit
Write to Reed

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