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Proseminar in Philosophical Research and Writing

PHIL 8050 Proseminar in Philosophical Research and Writing

John Drummond
Mondays, 11:00 am – 1:00 pm

The aim of this course, which will meet bi-weekly over the fall and spring semesters, is to
introduce and develop research, writing, and professional skills needed for the successful
completion of a Ph. D. in philosophy. In the fall semester, the sessions will be devoted to an
exploration of research tools and methods as well as various aspects of professional life such as
conference attendance, publishing, and negotiating the job market — and what students should
be thinking and doing about these things early in their graduate careers. In the spring semester,
the class sessions will be devoted to a writing workshop. Each session of the course will be
devoted to the analysis and discussion of one student’s work.
This course is compulsory for, and limited to, first year Ph. D. students, and the credit does not
count towards satisfying the course requirement for the Ph. D. program.

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