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Seminar in Philosophical Education

PHIL 8001
Seminar in Philosophical Education
Professor Christopher W. Gowans
Spring 2013
Wednesday 10:00 A.M. to Noon
All graduate students who will teach courses in the Fordham Philosophy Department are required to take this seminar. Hence, students on financial aid should take this course as well as other students who would like to teach philosophy courses at Fordham. (For those not on financial aid, passing this course does not guarantee that you will have an opportunity to teach; this depends on many factors.) Note that this seminar does not count as one of the 16 courses required for the Ph.D.
The course is an introduction to teaching philosophy at the college or university level, with an emphasis on teaching the core philosophy courses in Fordham College. We will discuss course design, syllabus construction, and the basic elements of teaching (such as discussions, lectures, writing assignments, exams, evaluation, plagiarism, and technology). In addition, we will consider several aspects of teaching that are specific to Fordham College (such as Jesuit pedagogy, core curriculum, service learning and Eloquentia Perfecta courses).
The general objectives of the course are twofold: to prepare you to teach the introductory philosophy courses in the Core Curriculum at Fordham College in the near future, and to provide you with a starting point for a lifelong reflection on teaching philosophy at the college or university level. The more specific objectives are:
·        To gain an understanding of the basic elements involved in teaching philosophy.
·        To learn the context, requirements and opportunities for teaching philosophy in Fordham College.
·        To construct syllabi that you can actually use in teaching the introductory philosophy courses in Fordham College.
·        To fulfill the training requirement for teaching Eloquentia Perfecta courses.
·        To practice teaching philosophy.
For the course you will need the following:
·        McKeachie, Wilbert J. et. al. McKeachie’s Teaching Tips: Strategies, Research, and Theory for College and University Teachers, 13th edition, Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning (ISBN: 0495809296).
·        Brinkley, Alan et. al., The Chicago Handbook for Teachers: A Practical Guide to the College Classroom, 2nd edition, Chicago: The University of Chicago Press (ISBN: 0226075281).
Earlier editions of these texts are acceptable (especially given the cost of the most recent edition of the first). You might want to see if other graduate students have copies you could use.

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