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Symbolic Logic - Klima

SYMBOLIC LOGIC - 15849 - PHIL 5100 - R01 - 2011 FALL

TF 10:00 -11:15; Room: TBA

Gyula Klima
Office: 109 Collins Hall
Office Hours: TF 11:30-13:00
Extension: 3286

This course provides an introduction to fundamental techniques of symbolic logic, along with a discussion of their philosophical foundations and implications. Topics covered are: the syntax and semantics of propositional logic and quantification theory with identity, truth tables, natural deduction, truth trees; quantification theory compared with Aristotelian logic, existence and quantification, definite descriptions, numerals empty names, free logic, modal logic, "possible worlds" semantics, intensionality and intentionality.


Attendance, participation, 4 tests and a written final

Required readings:

Logic and Philosophy: A Modern Introduction, 11th Edition
Alan Hausman | Howard Kahane | Paul Tidman
456 Pages | © 2010 | Published

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