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Stephen R. Grimm
Fordham, Fall 2010
Wittgenstein and Contemporary Wittgensteinians
This class will focus on the way in which contemporary philosophers have adapted or developed themes within Wittgenstein’s later philosophy.
In roughly the first quarter of the course we will focus on selections from two of Wittgenstein’s texts in particular, the Philosophical Investigations and On Certainty.
The remainder of the course will then be dedicated to looking at ways in which a variety of philosophers have tried to put some of Wittgenstein’s ideas to use. Philosophers we will possibly be considering here include: Elizabeth Anscombe, John McDowell, Saul Kripke, Alasdair MacIntyre, Crispin Wright, Michael Williams, Duncan Pritchard, Fergus Kerr, and Cora Diamond.
NOTE WELL: This will not be a Wittgenstein class of the usual sort, in the sense that our focus will be mainly on contemporary developments of Wittgenstein’s thoughts, rather than on Wittgenstein’s texts themselves. In other words, the focus will mainly be on the arguments of the contemporary Wittgensteinians, rather than on Wittgenstein himself.

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