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Judith Jones

Dr. Judith Jones

Department of Philosophy
Fordham University
Bronx, NY 10458
(718) 817-3304
(718) 817-4721

BA, Fordham University
MA, PhD, Emory University

Areas of Research: Metaphysics, especially process philosophy; American philosophy - especially Dewey, Santayana, and James; history of philosophy; ethics; questions of individualism, one and many, monism/pluralism; classical and contemporary naturalism as a viable 20th century metaphysical option; in ethics, questions of agency, axiology, moral "attention" and the interface of metaphysics and ethics.


Intensity: An Essay in Whiteheadian Ontology, Library of American Philosophy, (Vanderbilt University Press, 1998)

"Teach Us to See It: A Retrieval of Metaphysics in Ethics." Journal of Speculative Philosophy, 1996

Introduction to reprint of Whitehead's Religion in the Making, (Fordham University Press, 1996)

"The Rhythm of Experience in Whitehead and Dewey," Listening: A Journal of Religion and Culture, 1994.

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