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Babich, Babette
Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Science
212-636-6297  LL 925H
Balestra, Dominic
Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Science
718-817-3271 CO 123   
Ballantyne, Nathan
Assistant Professor and Placement Director
 718-817-3274 CO 119  
Baur, Michael
Associate Professor
Modern Philosophy, German Idealism, Phil. of Law
718-817-3295  CO 128
Cullen, Christopher, SJ
Associate Professor
Medieval Philosophy
212-636-7926  LL 923A
Davenport, John
Ethics, Philosophy of Action
718-817-2775  CO 125
Davies, Brian
Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion
718-817-3285 CO 129 
Drummond, John J.
Robert Southwell, S.J. Distinguished Professor in the Humanities and
Professor of Philosophy
Director of Graduate Studies
Phenomenology, Ethics
718-817-3332 CO 137
Flynn, Jeffrey
Associate Professor
Critical Theory, Political Philosophy
212-636-7928  LL 921F
Frances, Bryan
Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, LC
Metaphysics, Epistemology
212-636-7989  LL 916C  
Gosetti-Ferencei, JenniferAnna
Continental Philosophy, Philosophy of Literature
718-817-2779  CO 127
Gowans, Christopher
Professor and Chair
Ethics, Buddhism
718-817-3275  CO 103  
Green, Judith
American Philosophy, Political Philosophy, Feminism
718-817-3281  CO 131
Grimm, Stephen
Associate Professor
Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Value Theory
718-817-3282  CO 133
Grontkowski, Raymond T.
Associate Professor
718-817-3273  CO 107
Gschwandtner, Crina
Associate Professor,
718-817-3319 CO 115
Haddad, Samir
Associate Professor and Associate Chair for Undergraduate Studies, RH
Continental Philosophy
718-817-2767  CO 110
Jaworski, William
Associate Professor
Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics
212-636-6588  LL 913E
Johnson, Brian
Assistant Professor
Ancient Philosophy
212-636-6394  LL 806E
Jones, Judith
Associate Professor
American Philosophy, Process Philosophy
718-817-3304  CO 130  
Klima, Gyula
Medieval Philosophy, Semantics, Metaphysics
718-817-3286  CO 109  
Koterski, Joseph, SJ
Associate Professor
Metaphysics, Ethics
718-817-3291  CO 117
Krettek, Gerald Thomas, S.J.
St. Ignatius Loyola Chair
Associate Visiting Professor and Director of MAPR Program
 718-817-5896 CO B27  
Miller, Dana
Associate Professor
Ancient Philosophy
718-817-3292  CO 135
Pini, Giorgio
Associate Professor
Medieval Philosophy
212-636-7676  LL 917G
Seymour, Amy
Assistant Professor
212-636-6391 LL 916C
Strabbing, Jada Twedt
Assistant Professor
718-817-3297  CO 114  e-mail_envelope
Tress, Daryl
Associate Professor
Ancient Philosophy
718-817-3311 CO 113 
Van Buren, John
Continental Philosophy, Environmental Philosophy
718-817-3301  CO 111
Vong, Gerard 
Assistant Professor
Ethics, Applied Ethics, Value Theory
 212-636-6759 LL 426D  
Whitney, Shiloh
Assistant Professor
212-636-6189 LL 913A
Winegar, Reed
Assistant Professor
718-817-2987 CO B25

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