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The Philosophy Minor


Philosophy minors complete a minimum of six courses in Philosophy, including the two core courses (PHIL 1000 & 3000). Since the department offers a number of Senior Values seminars, one of the remaining four upper-level courses may be the course taken to fulfill the Senior Values requirement (but a minor need not chose a Values Seminar in Philosophy).

Hence, only three or four electives beyond the required courses are necessary to complete a minor in Philosophy.  One elective in Philosophy in each of the sophomore, junior, and senior years along with a Senior Values Seminar in Philosophy will give you the minor.

Why minor in philosophy? 
A minor in philosophy is an excellent supplement to several other liberal arts majors. In addition to helping you develop the analytical skills needed for graduate school, it gives your academic record something distinctive which may be intriguing to potential employers. If you found your core classes in philosophy interesting, you have completed one third of the minor already, and developing your knowledge in this area will be personally rewarding. Studying philosophy can also give you a fluency in the history of thought that will be rewarding throughout life and invaluable in many different contexts.

Constructing a philosophy minor to complement your major:
You should consult closely with your advisors for the major and the minor, but to illustrate the kinds of combinations that are possible, consider the following examples:

Sample philosophy minor for Psychology majors:
Core + any four of:

Philosophy of Emotions
Emotions and the Good Life 
Journey to Selfhood
Philosophy of Mind
Mind, Brain, and Self
Freud, Marx, Nietzsche and God
Existential Philosophy and Psychology
Love and Will 

Sample philosophy minor for Political Science majors:
Core + any four of:

Philosophy of Law
Theories of Justice
Theories of Human Rights
Contemporary Ethical Issues
Introduction to Logic (especially for pre-law)
Introduction to Symbolic Logic (especially for pre-law)
Marx's Social Theory
Critical Social Theory
Marxism and Communism
American Identities (a Senior Values Seminar)
Rethinking Citizenship (a Senior Values Seminar)
Justice and Social Identity (a Senior Values Seminar)
Values in Democracy (a Senior Values Seminar)
Privacy in Law and Moral (a Senior Values Seminar)
Morality and Politics (a Senior Values Seminar)
Environmental Ethics (a Senior Values Seminar) 

Sample philosophy minor for Communications majors:
Core + any four of:

Language and Symbolism
Introduction to Critical Thinking
The Philosophy of Technology
Philosophical Aesthetics
Business Ethics
Nietzsche and Postmodernism
Philosophy and Creativity 

Sample philosophy minor for Religious Studies or Theology majors:
Core + any four of:

Quest for the Absolute
The Problem of God
Faith and Rationality
Philosophy of Religion
Journey to Selfhood
Freud, Marx, Nietzsche and God
Freedom and Destiny
Medieval Philosophy
Islamic Philosophy
Chinese Philosophy
Indian Philosophy
Buddhist Philosophy
Philosophies of the East
Philosophy of Augustine
Philosophy of Aquinas
Religion and Morality (a Senior Values Seminar) 

Sample philosophy minor for History majors:
Core + any four of:

Ancient Philosophy
Medieval Philosophy
Four Medieval Thinkers
Modern Philosophy I
Modern Philosophy II
Classical British Philosophy
American Philosophy
20th Century Philosophy 

Sample philosophy minor for students majoring in one of the sciences:
Core + any four of:

Galileo, Science, and Religion
Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Mind
Mind, Brain, and Self
Philosophy of Technology
Issues of Life and Death (a Senior Values Seminar)
Environmental Ethics (a Senior Values Seminar)

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