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Workshops and Reading Groups

Workshops and Reading Groups

The Fordham Philosophy Department hosts or is associated with the following workshops and reading groups:

Early Modern Workshop

Contact: Reed Winegar

This annual workshop fosters exchange and collaboration among scholars, students, and anyone with an interest in Early Modern Philosophy (roughly covering the period 1600-1800).

Fordham Epistemology and Ethics Workshops

Contact: Stephen Grimm

Francophone Philosophy Reading Group

Contact: Sam Haddad

Comprised of faculty members and graduate students, Fordham's Francophone Philosophy Reading Group is dedicated to the study of Francophone philosophy, broadly understood. The core activity consists of weekly meetings to discuss published texts. The group also workshops essays-in-progress written by group members and invited speakers.

German Philosophy Group

Contact: Reed Winegar

The German-Language Philosophy Group is dedicated to the study and translation of German-language philosophical texts. The group meets regularly for discussion and also hosts a speaker series.

Metaphysics and Mind Group

Contact: Joe Vukov

Fordham’s Metaphysics and Mind group was started in the Fall of 2013.  The group meets four to five times a semester to workshop papers by NYC-area philosophers.  In addition to these formal meetings, the group also meets informally to discuss published work in the areas of mind and metaphysics.

NYC Early Career Ethics Workshop

Contact: Gerard Vong

New York Pragmatist Forum

Contact: Judith Green

The John C. and Jeanette D. Walton Workshops in Science, Philosophy and Religion

Contact: William Jaworski

The Walton lectures and workshops aim to provide interested professionals in the New York area the opportunity to interact with scholars of the highest caliber concerning topics at the intersection of science, philosophy, and theology. Upcoming events consider current research on topics such as consciousness, free will, and their relation to states of the brain; rule-based ethics versus virtue-based ethics, and the role of science in contemporary society.

Women in Philosophy Reading Group

Contact: Brian Johnson

Latin Reading Group

Contact: Giorgio Pini

Our group meets once a week (Friday, 2:15 pm).     



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