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Victor Hess Day

Victor Hess Day

Thursday, April 14, 2011
Freeman Hall Room 105

  A Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Victor Hess Receiving the Noble Prize in Physics and the 100th Anniversary of his Discovery of Cosmic Rays.

Event Schedule
  • 3:30pm - Refreshments will be served.

  • 3:50pm - Victor Hess’s Scientific Achievements and His Years at Fordham.
    • Presented by Dr. Martin Sanzari

  • 4:10pm - Featured Guest Lecturer
    • Dr. Mark Alford, Washington University
Cosmology & Particle Physics

What are the fundamental constituents of matter? What is the geography of the whole universe, and how is it changing over time? This talk will summarize the current state of our knowledge of the largest and smallest structures in nature.

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