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Antonios Balassis

Antonios Balassis
Assistant Professor

Freeman Hall 211
Tel: (718) 817-4184
Fax: (718) 817-4167

PhD Physics, City University of New York
MA Physics, Queens College CUNY
BSc Physics, University of Patras, Greece

fall 2014 Teaching
Phys 1501: General Physics I
Phys 1503: General Physics I Recitation
Phys 2305: Introduction to Modern Physics

Research Interest

Dr. Balassis' research is in condensed matter theory. He specializes in electronic excitations, electron energy loss spectroscopy, and image potential at solids, surfaces and nanostuctures. Dr. Balassis also studies THz radiation due to plasmon instabilities in low dimensional systems and current charge quantization in modulated 2D-graphene. He has published 16 papers and given 5 conference presentations.

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