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Benjamin C. Crooker

Benjamin C. Crooker
Associate Professor
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs

Freeman Hall 207
Tel: (718) 817-4191
Fax: (718) 817-4167

PhD Physics, Cornell University
MS Physics, Cornell University
BS Physics, University of Massachusetts

One focus of my research is on diluted magnetic semiconductors in collaboration with researchers at Purdue University and the University of North Florida. This class of materials exhibit a number of interesting properties including large magneto-optical effects, spin-glass and other magnetic transitions, and magneto-conductive effects including magnetically tunable band gaps. At Fordham we measure the AC susceptibility and magneto-conductivity of bulk crystals as a function of temperature. This provides information on the magnetic interactions and phase transitions within these materials. With funding from Research Corporation, I have established an in-house sample growth facility using RF-magnetron sputtering. A more recent focus of my research has been on chiral liquid crystal polymers in collaboration with Professor Shibaev at Fordham University. We have been studying the conductivity of composites of these polymers with carbon nanotubes.

I also direct the Fordham University Seismic Station. The station houses both a broad-band seismometer and a strong motion seismometer. The Fordham station is a member of the LAMONT COOPERATIVE SEISMOGRAPHIC NETWORK consisting of 21 broadband seismographic stations in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland.
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  • S. P. Bowen, J. C. Richard, J. D. Mancini, V. Fessatidis, and B. C. Crooker, Microseism and infrasound generation by cyclones, J. Acoustical Soc. Am. 113, 2562 (2003).
  • T. M. Pekarek, D. J. Arenas, B. C. Crooker, I. Miotkowski, and A. K. Ramdas, Magnetic Measurements on Ferromagnetic Behavior in the bulk II-VI Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor Zn1-xCrxTe, J. Appl. Phys. 95, (2004).
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