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Petr Shibayev

Petr Shibayev
Associate Professor

Freeman Hall 111A
Tel: (718) 817-4193
Fax: (718) 817-4167

PhD Physics, Moscow State University
MS Physics, Moscow State University

fall 2013 TeachingPhys 1511: Physics I Lab
Phys 2002: Electricity & Magnetism
Phys 2011: Intermediate Laboratory

Dr. Shibayev's does research in the areas of “Soft” condensed matter physics and physical chemistry. This includes the structure, phase behaviour of self-organised materials at nano- and meso- scales, electrical and optical properties of “soft” materials, in particular chiral polymers and liquid crystals. He also studies interaction of electromagnetic fields with “soft” materials; synthesis of responsive polymers, self-organised and supramolecular structures, molecular structures for photonic applications, and development of advanced “soft” materials.

More on Physics of Soft Materials:
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  • Guram Chilaya, Andro Chanishvili, Gia Petriashvili, Riccardo Barberi, Roberto Bartolino, Gabriella Cipparrone, Alfredo Mazzulla and Peter V. Shibaev, Reversible Tuning of Lasing In Cholesteric Liquid Crystals Controlled by Light-Emitting Diodes, Advanced Materials, Vol. 19, 565-68 (2007)
  • Petr V. Shibaev and R. Lea Sanford, Light-Induced Structural Changes in Chiral Liquid Crystals, Liquid Crystals, Vol. 34, 213-217 ( 2007)
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  • V. N. Bliznyuk, S. Singamaneni, R. L. Sanford , D. Chiappetta, B. Crooker, P.V. Shibaev, Matrix Mediated Alignment of Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes in Polymer Composite Films, Polymer, Vol. 47, pp.3915-3921 (2006)
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  • P.V. Shibaev, V.I. Kopp, A.Z. Genack, E. Hanelt Lasing From Chiral Photonic Band Gap Materials Based on Cholesteric Glasses, Liquid Crystals, v.30,p.1391-1400 (2003)
  • P.V. Shibaev, A. Z. Genack Narrowing of Spontaneous Emission and Lasing from Lyotropic and Thermotropic Liquid Crystals, Liquid Crystals, v. 30, p.1365-68 (2003)

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