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Physics & Engineering Physics Department

Welcome Message from the Chair

Dr. Vassilios Fessatidis

We are a department of seven full-time faculty, one part-time faculty (currently a University administrator), and four adjunct faculty who are dedicated to the education and growth of our students. Class sizes are small, and we know each of our students well. As an undergraduate department, we strive to share our interest and excitement in physics and engineering physics with them. Our faculty are involved in research in Applied Optics, Condensed Matter Physics (theory and experiment), Molecular and Nanoelectronic Device Modeling, Medical Physics, Nuclear and Particle Physics (theory), Polymer Physics, and Seismology. Believing in the value of research for undergraduates, we encourage our students to actively participate in faculty research groups.

We prepare students for a wide variety of technical careers. We offer two distinct major programs of study (Physics and Engineering Physics), a physics minor, and the opportunity for our majors to participate in the school's Honors Program. Program requirements and course descriptions can be found in our Course Bulletin.

Our students participate in a wide variety of research both here at Fordham as well as other schools, and information about these projects can be found here.

Our Department is also home to the Fordham University Seismic Observatory. Visit the seismic data page to see graphs of recent seismic activity.

Freeman Hall, Home of the Physics & Engineering Physics Department

Nov. 5: Departmental Colloquium

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Sept 17: Department Welcome Luncheon
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