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Physics & Engineering Physics Programs

Physics Major

The Physics major is intended primarily for students interested in continuing with graduate study in physics, this major builds on a strong physics base with advanced courses to prepare students for admission to top graduate schools.

Engineering Physics Major

This major gives students a strong physics base plus the freedom to pursue their interests in a broad range of applied subjects. The department offers applied courses in mechanics, materials, lasers, and medical physics which prepare students for advanced study or a career in these areas. In addition, students can combine the major with courses from other departments to pursue careers in physics education, business, pre-architecture, pre-med, and other fields.

3-2 and 4-2 Engineering Program

In this program students complete the requirements for a Bachelors Degree in Physics at Fordham followed by a Bachelors or Masters Degree in Engineering at either Columbia University or Case Western Reserve University. More information on the 3-2 program is available on the 3-2 Cooperative Program in Engineering web page.

HONORS Program

We currently have three of our majors in the Fordham Honors Program, which only accepts 16 students per year. The Honors Program curriculum replaces the core curriculum with a program of active and often independent learning in intensive seminar-style classes. Physics majors in the program are required to carry out research and complete a thesis based on their work.

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