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Engineering Physics Program

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Dr. Martin Sanzari
The Engineering Physics program at Fordham seeks to train its students with a broad-based foundation in fundamental engineering and physics principles with the depth of disciplinary knowledge needed to succeed in a career in engineering or a related field, including a wide variety of advanced technological and management careers. Engineering Physics majors can choose from three concentrations including: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. The Engineering Physics degree program leads to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Engineering Physics. We have recently added new laboratories in the areas of engineering experimentation, alternative energy (solar and wind), engineering design and robotics. We look forward to meeting you and having the opportunity to warmly welcome you to our university community.


We currently offer concentrations in Mechanical, Biomedical, and Electrical Engineering programs.

Engineering Physics Minor
Our Enginering Physics minor is available to students who wish to supplent their major field of study.

See where our alumni are now
Our alumni have been offered both positions in industry and graduate schools.

Current Student Research Projects
Several projects are currently underway and are open to student participation at all levels.

Engineering Physics Laboratory
The Engineering Physics Teaching Laboratory allows students to explore the physics of materials and fluid dynamics and simulate real world automated assembly processes. Students are also able to use the computational resources for modeling and simulation of mechanical, electrical, and environmental engineering and physics phenomea and processes.


Engineering Physics Program
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