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Physics Major

Sample Physics Curriculum

Important: This is only one possibility of what a physics student's coursework could look like.

The "typical" Physics Major completes the program shown below in 4 years.  This curriculum is designed to give you a strong physics background including advanced courses which will prepare you for graduate school or for entrance into the job market. For a course to count towards the Physics Major, the student must obtain a C- or better in the course.

A substantial number of our majors enter the program from other schools or other majors at a later point in their career.  We will work with you to accelerate the program through summer courses and individual reading courses.  With the Fordham core and some math or chemistry completed in advance, students have successfully completed the Physics major in as little as two years plus summers.





ENGL 1101 Composition I
HIST  1xxx Understanding Historical Change
PHIL 1000 Phil of Human Nature
PHYS 1601 Introductory Physics I
PHYS 1511 Physics I Lab
MATH 1206 Calculus 1

ENGL 1102 Composition II
ARHI 1100 Intro to Art History (EP I)
THEO 1000 Faith and Critical Reasoning
PHYS 1602 Introductory Physics II
PHYS 1512 Physics II Lab
MATH 1207 Calculus 2


ENGL 2000 Texts and Contexts (EP II)
PHIL 3000 Philosophical Ethics
PHYS 2305 Intro to Modern Physics
CHEM 1321 General Chemistry I
CHEM 1331 General Chemistry Lab I
MATH 2004 Multivariable Calculus I

THEO 3xxx Sacred Texts and Traditions
ANTH 1300 Intro to Archaeology (Social Science)
PHYS 2001 Theoretical Mechanics
CHEM 1322 General Chemistry II
CHEM 1332 General Chemistry Lab II
MATH 2005 Multivariable Calculus II


EP 3
PHYS 2002 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 2011 Intermediate Laboratory
PHYS 3101 Math Methods in Physics I

More Core
PHYS 3011 Advanced Lab
PHYS 3102 Math Methods in Physics II
PHYS 3401 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
PHYS 4005 Quantum Physics


EP 3
Senior Core
Physics Electives

Senior Core
PHYS 3211 Computational Physics
Physics Electives


Students will need to complete a Senior Values Seminar (EP 4) during their senior year.  If they have not combined their Globalism and Pluralism requirements into other core courses they will also need to complete those requirements during their senior year.

Physics students in their fourth year are required to take a minimum of two physics electives from the following list: PHYS 3301 - Solid State Physics, PHYS 3501 - Nuclear Physics, PHYS 3601 - Optics, PHYS 4001, 4002 - Undergraduate Research, PHYS 4003 - Theoretical Physics I, PHYS 4004 - Theoretical Physics II, PHYS 4006 - Quantum Mechanics II, PHYS 4007 - Laser Physics, PHYS 4011 - Particle Physics, or other special topics courses which may be offered. Students planning to continue in Physics are encouraged to take more than the minimum number to better prepare for their initial year of graduate school. 


Those students enrolled in the 3-2 cooperative engineering program will transfer to Columbia University or Case Western Reserve University at the end of the third year. At the end of five years they earn two degrees, a B.S. Degree from Fordham in physics and a B.S. Degree from Columbia or Case Western Reserve in one of the engineering disciplines.


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