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Professor Nicholas Tampio and Fordham Students at the U.N

Each year the department hosts a number of recurring colloquia, guest speakers, and special events such as student trips to the United Nations. Below are some of our recent events from the past year.


Brown Bag Series: This series invites Fordham faculty to present works in progress in an informal collaborative environment. The following are some of the recent presentations:

September 26, 2013: Dr. Olena Nikolyenko, "Partisanship Effects on Mass Perceptions of Electoral Integrity and the Turnout Decision"


April 15, 2013: Dr. Melissa Labonte, "Assessing the Peacebuilding Implications of Biometric Technology and Democratic Consolidation in Sierra Leone"

March 18, 2013: Dr. Marcus Holmes, "The Dark Outskirts of Rationality: Believing This and Alieving That in International Politics"


February 25, 2013: Dr. Robert Hume, "Why Recusals Don’t Matter: Strategic Voting and Split Decisions on the United States Supreme Court"


December 6, 2012: Dr. Costas Panagopoulos, "Negative Affectivity, Political Contention and Turnout: A Genopolitics Field Experiment"


November 8, 2012: Dr. Jose Aleman, "Protest and Institutional Change"


October 1, 2012: Dr. Jeffrey Cohen, "Everybody Loves a Winner: On the Mutual Causality of Presidential Approval and Success in Congress"



Forum on American Politics and "Pizza and Politics" Series: These longstanding series invite outside speakers to present their work. The speakers are often chosen for their interdisciplinary perspectives and appeal to a wide audience.


February 28, 2013: Richard Johnston (The University of British Columbia), "Campaigns and the Activation of "Fundamentals": US and Comparative Evidence"


October 22, 2012: Andrew Sidman (John Jay College of Criminal Justice), "The Effects of State Legislative Term Limits on Competition and Representation in the U.S. Senate" (Co-sponsored with the Center for Electoral Politics and Democracy at Fordham)


October 19, 2012: John Sides (George Washington University), "Slow-mentum: Romney's Path to the Nomination" (Sponsored by the Center for Electoral Politics and Democracy at Fordham)



Lectures and Guest Speakers: The department, and often in conjunction with other programs at Fordham, often welcomes guest speakers on a wide variety of topics.


April 17, 2012: Martin Horak (University of Western Ontario), "Global Toronto: Still A Progressive City?"

March 25, 2012: Admiral Michael Mullen (17th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff), "Reflections from the Top." After speaking to a general audience at Fordham, Admiral Mullen visited Dr. Marcus Holmes' course on international politics for a private meeting with students.



Other Events

Spring 2013: Fordham Undergraduate Research Symposium. Political Science faculty mentored and supervised a number of undergraduate theses presentations at the annual undergraduate research symposium. Students and their mentors include:

Kira Rosi-Schumacher (Dr. Melissa Labonte)
Erin Reynolds (Dr. Melissa Labonte)
Marcus Stromso (Dr. Melissa Labonte)
William Thibeau (Dr. Robert Hume)
Katrina Feldkamp (Dr. Robert Hume)
Annamaria Shaker (Dr. John Entelis)
Peter Heintz (Dr. Olena Nikolayenko)
Brent McDonnell (Dr. Olena Nikolayenko)
Rebecca Ramirez (Dr. Olena Nikolayenko)
Edvina Lila (Dr. Marcus Holmes)
Thomas Merante (Dr. Marcus Holmes)

Winter 2013: Dr.
Olena Nikolayenko's POSC 3612 "Youth and Politics" Interdisciplinary Capstone Course with a study abroad tour to Ukraine. Featured in Fordham Notes.

Winter 2013: Dr. Melissa Labonte conducted research in Sierra Leone on biometric technology for elections, with Fordham undergraduate
Kira Rosi-Schumacher (FCRH '13). Their research was presented at the Fordham Undergraduate Research Symposium.

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