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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which Fordham campus offers Architecture?
A: Architecture is offered at both of Fordham’s New York campuses. Visual Arts Major students at both Lincoln Center and Rose Hill may concentrate in architectural studio work, the hands-on work of creating human environments. Course offerings in architecture are equally represented on the two campuses, however Lincoln Center has more extensive facilities in the other visual arts, including Theatre Design, and is located in the center of New York’s urban culture, while the Rose Hill campus, a more traditional campus, has more extensive offerings in the sciences, business, and the environment.  Most students choose their campus according to criteria outside of the architecture program.

Q: Does Fordham offer a professional degree in Architecture?
A: No.  Fordham provides pre-architectural education.  The BA or BS is not a professional degree, it is instead an excellent qualification for admission to professional masters programs in design, and an intellectual preparation for careers in the pre-construction, construction and real estate industries.

Q: What about internships?
A: In senior year, students may intern with one of New York’s many respected Architects and Designers.  Internships with government agencies and non-profit community and environmental groups are also commonly available.  To see the world of architecture and construction from the inside, this experience is highly recommended.  Often, internship work is appropriate for inclusion in an application portfolio for graduate school, or provides a crucial introduction to certain career directions.

Q: Should I do a senior project?
A: With faculty permission and supervision, senior architecture students may also design an independent project for public exhibition just prior to graduation.  Requirements for the senior project vary depending on the major in which the student is enrolled. Checking with an advisor is recommended.

Q: Which major is most appropriate for pre-architecture?
A: Well, what are your interests?  What makes you interested in architecture?  If you could give me some background, I could better answer your question.  Can you tell me a little about yourself?

Q: Okay, I love art … making it, looking at it, living it.  I like the other artistic disciplines – graphics, photography, drawing – nearly as much as I like the idea of architecture.  I like projects; I like making things.  As a child, I loved my legos!  (secretly, I still do.) I like the way buildings move against the sky, cast shadows, and I like experiencing buildings spatially, the way they take you through and you discover places sequentially.  I want to be an architect, but I feel capable of making furniture or designing cities too, not just buildings.  What major would be best for me?
A: Visual Arts (this is the major that most pre-architecture students select)

Q: Okay, well I’ve noticed I’m visually sensitive, with an eye for detail and a thirst for knowing more about the things I see.  I’m all about color, form, and texture.  I’m more interested in the story, context, and cultural significance behind objects and buildings – all their many layers of purpose and meaning -- than necessarily wanting to create them myself.  I might what to practice architecture, but I might want to teach it instead, or go into Historic Preservation or Interior Design.  What’s the best major for me?
A: Art History Pre-Architecture

Q: Okay, I’m a real people-person.  I love the way buildings and cities are full of people, and how people and buildings together form neighborhoods, districts, ad metropolitan areas … the policies, the vested interests, the passions.  I like street-life; people-watching -- I could never live in the countryside.  I’m interested in how the insides of buildings are communicated by their outsides.  I like looking at maps.  I can get more information from a map than anyone else in my family!  If I’m interested in architecture -- but I might also be interested in urban planning -- what major would be best for me?
A: Urban Studies, but please note that some visual arts courses must be taken outside this major.

Q: Okay, well, I’m an outdoorsy type.  If not an architect, I think I would make a very conscientious farmer!  I really developed my interest in architecture from my passions about ecology, landscapes and the environment.  And damn it -- we’re going to burn this planet up if we don’t do something about living on earth more responsibly and that comes down to our buildings, lifestyles, settlement patterns, technologies.  I might become an architect, but I’m thinking about landscape architecture too, maybe regional planning if I knew more about it. Which major should I sign up for?
A: Environmental Policy

Q: Is there a minor program specially suited for designers?
A: Generally, visual arts is the best minor program compliment if you are signed up for another major.  At Lincoln Center, a minor in theatre design would be advisable.  If your major program already allows architecture studio classes, a minor in Engineering Physics would equip you with a firm foundation in building engineering.  A minor in Business would be appropriate for those students who plan to pursue the high risk – high reward path of a principal in a firm of architects.  Other minors are quite possible and appropriate, depending the each student’s intellectual and career interests.

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