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Another world. Enter through the doors of a theatre, and the anticipation is palpable.  All eyes search the stage for hints, the acoustics are hushed, the lighting low, and in this safe and enclosed space a specific magic will be welcome.  The performance begins, and an invisible fourth wall emerges, between players and audience; tantalizing, focusing and beckoning us through, into a place of the imagination. 

This exhibition investigates how architects and theatre designers approach space-making from slightly different perspectives.  Both professions are engaged in designing forms and arranging them in space to interact with light.  They engage in a similar dialogue; allowing a script or a client to form space, sharing responsibility for designing this world apart: Theatrical Space.

Kris Stone a scenic and costume designer, joins the Fordham Theatre faculty this year and has begun to teach not only theatre design students, but also architecture and interior design students. Chad McArver is a scenic and lighting designer for theatre, dance and opera, working often as a collaborator with Mr. Hernandez, and assistant professor in the theatre program at Fordham.

Riccardo Hernandez is a Tony nominated scenic designer, working with Hal Prince, George Wolf, always working with the space of the theatre as the design inspiration. Michelle Tarantina a senior theatre design major, designed one of the first set designs for the Kehoe Theatre, and will be costume designer for an upcoming Fordham main stage production. Mitchell Kurtz Architect PC is an architect specializing in buildings and renovations for the arts, and served as architect for Fordham’s newly renovated Kehoe Theatre. is comprised of Greg Marinic and Mary-Jo Schlachter, practicing architects who serve on the faculties of New York City College of Technology and the Pratt Institute, working with their student Jose Cortes. Together they are investigating material innovation and improvisation  through their research and projects. Katelynn Schneller and Rob Funk are May 2009 graduates of Fordham’s theatre stage management program. Artec Consultants, Inc. work globally designing and planning innovative performing arts facilities. Their interdisciplinary firm designs acoustic and theatrical environments, through shaping the space, material selection and using a variety of theatrical devices they “tune” each hall. Illya Azaroff is an award winning Artist and Architect who engages in experimental cross disciplinary collaborations often resulting in site specific installations, performances and exhibition.  Yoshihara McKee are architects in New York who have worked on the design of a variety of theaters in Japan and the United States.

Oct. 1 through Nov. 9, 2009

Sponsored by the Theater and Visual Arts Department

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