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Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-Professional Programs

Business Administration Minor
Elementary and Secondary Education Program
The Cooperative Program in Engineering
Pre-Law Program
Pre-Medical/Dental Program

Business Administration Minor

Students who are planning to pursue a graduate degree in business administration and/or who expect to seek a career in business can both gain a broader background in career preparation and satisfy some pre-requisites for admission to a master's program in business administration.  Courses in acccounting, finance, marketing, management, statistics and computer management are offered. Credits for up to six business courses may be applied to a student's graduation requirements.

As a result of an agreement with the Gabelli School of Business, students in Fordham College at Lincoln Center may complete a minor in business administration.  In order to fulfill the requirements for the minor, students must take the following courses:

Liberal Arts Courses:

Fordham College at Lincoln Center

ECLU 1100 - Basic Macroeconomics
ECLU 1200 - Basic Microeconomics
ECLU 2140 - Statistics I or SSLU 2606 - Social Science Statistics

Gabelli School of Business Courses
ACBU 2222 - Introduction to Financial Accounting

Choose two of the following courses:
BLBU - 2234 - Legal Framework of Business
FNBU 3221 - Financial Management
MGBU 3223 - Principles of Management
MKBU 3225 - Marketing Principles

Choose one additional course in either of the two business areas selected above (e.g., if finance is one of the areas selected, the fourth business course could be Financial Management of Multinational Firms [FNBU 4200]

Elementary and Secondary Education Program
The Graduate School of Education (GSE) offers certification programs for students enrolled in one of the undergraduate colleges of Fordham University. The programs provide an opportunity for students to complete a major in the liberal arts or sciences, and to use their elective credits for a sequence of courses required for New York State Provisional Teacher Certification as elementary teachers, or as secondar school teachers of biology, English or social studies.  The programs are offered at the Lincoln Center campus.  In additon to the required course work and field experiences, students must develop satisfactory professional profolios.  The majority of course work toward certification including student teaching, is taken during senior year, however, course selection within your major will be affected by requirements in teacher preparation.  Therefore, students must declare their interest in the certification program by the end of freshman year and make careful course selection as advised by the certification program advisor and their regular advisors.  On completion of the undergraduate major and the certification program courses, students receive baccalaureate degrees as well as insititutional endoresement for New York State Provisional Cerfication preK-6 or 7 - 12.  To be eligible for permanent certification, students will need to teach for two years, earn a masters degree in a related field and fulfill other requirements of New York State.

The Cooperative Program in Engineering
The Cooperative Program in Engineering is an educational affiliation between Fordham University and the School of Engineering and Applied Science of Columbia University, which enables students to prepare for careers in applied science or engineering. This plan leads to a B.A. degree from Fordham University, as well as a B.S. degree from Columbia University in one of the following fields:

Applied Chemistry                                             Industrial and Management Science
Bioengineering Materials Science
Chemical Engineering Mechanical Engineering 
Chemical Metallurgy Mineral Engineering
Chemical Sequence   Mining Engineering
Civil Engineering   Nuclear Engineering
Computer Science Operations Research
Electrical Engineering   Physical Sequence
Engineering Mathematics  

Students in this program spend the equivalent of their first three academic years at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (typically majoring in mathematics). At the end of this period, they transfer to Columbia University for two years. After completing their first year at Columbia, they receive their B.A. degree from Fordham; after completing the second year at Columbia, they receive their B.S. engineering degree from Columbia.

All Fordham core curriculum requirements must be satisfied before the student begins courses at Columbia University. In addition, students must take core courses required by the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Columbia University A list of those courses may be obtained from the program advisor upon request.

Pre-Law Program
There is no particular major that enhances a student's application to law school. Students should select a major that they are interested in and take courses that are challenging. The best preparation for law school is to develop analytical skills and reading and writing ability.

Pre-law faculty advisors are available for extensive consultation, and students interested in law school should contact one of the advisors well before their anticipated application to law school. The following faculty members serve as pre-law advisors:

Dr. Susan Beck, 636-6334 (Director, on leave 1998-1999)

Dr. Eugene James McBride, 636-6279

Dr. John McCarthy, 636-6398

Dr. George Shea, 636-6243 (Acting Director, 1998-1999)

Applicants to law school must take the LSAT examination. A special non-credit mini-course is offered each semester to prepare students for the LSAT examinations.

The Pre-Law Society sponsors lectures on admission to law school, the law school experience, and careers in the law. It also sponsors workshops to assist students in preparing their applications to law schools.

Pre-Law information is available on the bulletin board outside the academic offices in Room 924.  Students will find notices of interest to pre-law students.

3-3 Program
The 3-3 Program enables students to move on to the Fordham School of Law after three years of study at Fordham College at Lincoln Center. The B.A. degree is awarded following completion of the first year of law school. Eligibility requires that a student:

1. Complete all core and major requirements and at least 92 credits (transfer students must have completed at least 47 credits at Fordham) before beginning law school.

2. Maintain a grade point average of at least B+ (3.300) in all undergraduate courses including transferred credits.

3. Have a strong LSAT score. Although most applicants present a LSAT at or above the 91st percentile, there is not LSAT cut-off score below which applicants will not be considered. The LSAT scores must be available by February of the year in which studies at the School of Law are to begin.

4. Students who are in the Honors Program will automatically be recommended for the 3-3 Program.

Students who meet these criteria become eligible during their junior year to apply to the School of Law of Fordham University. Before they apply, however, they must receive a favorable recommendation from the director of the Pre-Law Program. After receiving such clearance, the director of admissions of the School of Law will invite them for an interview. Students recommended for application are not guaranteed admittance.

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