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1841 St. John's College at Fordham founded
1862 seniors required to take Mental Philosophy
1899 first semester of senior philosophy: Psychology and Ethics Physiological Psychology first offered to undergraduates
1912 Carl Jung lectured at Medical School
1912, Oct 13 Physiological Psychology was offered for seniors by Dr. James J. Walsh, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine (NY Times)
1916, Nov 6 Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Teachers College, and School of Sociology and Social Service founded, at Woolworth Building
1919 Rational Psychology offered in Graduate Philosophy. Social Psychology listed in Social Service and Philosophy.
1920 Maurice E. Rogalin, Ph.D. first appears in 1920 Bulletin, in the Department of Education, where he taught Educational Psychology.
1921 Rev. Joseph A. Murphy, S.J. first appears in 1921 Bulletin, among the Graduate Philosophy faculty.
1926 Rev. John P. McCaffrey, M.A. (Fordham, 1923) joined the Department of Mental Hygiene in the School of Social Service. He taught Social Psychology at least until 1938, including cross-listing in Psychology’s first Bulletin listing (1933), making him a founder of the department.
1927 The first division of the Department of Education appears, with Rogalin heading Psychological Measurements and Method.

Physiological Psychology was once again taught, now in the Mental Hygiene Department of Social Services, by James J. Walsh, M.D., Ph.D., Sc.D., Litt.D.
1928 Rogalin was Head of Department of Psychology, Measurements and Elementary School Supervision, under Chair of Department of Education.
1930 Psychology taught in the Philosophy Department, and in graduate Department of Education
Fordham University (1930) Manhattan Division

1. Philosophy Faculty Committee includes Fr. Murphy, who taught Fundamental Psychology, Rational Psychology, Natural Theology, Philosophy of Evolution, and the Psychology of Habit and Character, along with the Senior Psychology course at St. John's College in 1930-1931 year.

2. Education Faculty Committee Pierre J. Marique, Pd.D., Ph.D. Chairman Faculty Committee and Head of Department: Philosophy and History Maurice E. Rogalin, Ph.D. Head of Department: Psychology, Measurements and Elementary School Supervision; Rogalin taught graduate courses in Educational Psychology, Educational Measurements, and the Psychology of Elementary School Branches.
1931 Robert T. Rock, M.A. became Head of Psychology and Measurements in the Department of Education, replacing Rogalin.
1932 Rev. Walter G. Summers, S.J. organized Psychology area in Department of Philosophy, pulling together cross-listed courses from the Departments of Education, Political Philosophy, and Social Services, along with Murphy's philosophical psychologyand his own new courses. A dry run for new department.

Dr. Dorothea McCarthy joins Department of Education (J.F.X. McCarthy, 1992)
1933, Fall Psychology Department separated from Philosophy Woolworth Building, Downtown campus Fordham (1933) Teacher's College – Graduate School

1. Psychology Faculty Committee: Head of Department and Chairman of Faculty Committee:
Rev. Walter G. Summers, S.J. PHIL to PSYCH
Rev. Joseph A. Murphy, S.J. PHIL to PSYCH
Robert T. Rock, Jr., Ph.D. ED & PSYCH
Jack W. Dunlap, Ph.D. ED & PSYCH
Dorothea A. McCarthy, Ph.D. ED & PSYCH
other instructional staff: O'Beirne (PHIL), McCaffrey (SS)

2. Education Faculty Committee: Pierre J. Marique, Pd.D., Ph.D. Chairman Faculty Committee and Head of Department: Philosophy of Education and History of Education Robert T. Rock, Jr., M.A. Head of Department: Educational Psychology and Educational Measurements
1934 SSSS renamed School of Social Service
Fordham (1934) Graduate School

Department of Psychology Faculty Committee:
old: Summers (Head), Murphy, O'Brien, Lonergan
new: Harry McNeill, Ph.D., Ag. (Louvain) Robert F. Sheehan, M.D., M.Sc. Kathryn E. Serota, M.A. Elizabeth A. Walsh, Ph.D. (Guidance of Ungraded Children)
other instructional staff: Gallagher, McCaffrey
1935 Fordham (1935) Graduate School

1. Department of Psychology Faculty Committee:
old: Summers (Head), Murphy, McNeill, Sheehan, Serota
new: Thomas E. Bamford, Jr., A.B., M.D., Med.Sc.D. Frances M. Guanella, Ph.D.
other instructional staff: Kubis, Waldron, Byrns (ED), Gallagher, Coleman

2. Division of Education:
Department of Educational Psychology and Measurements
Department Committee: Head of Department: Robert T. Rock, Jr., Ph.D.
Jack W. Dunlap, Ph.D.
Dorothea A. McCarthy, Ph.D.

Gannon (1967): Rev. Murphy became Jesuit Provincial early 1935, and he does not appear in the 1936 Bulletin.
1936 Fordham (1936) Graduate School
Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology
old: Summers (Head), McNeill, Bamford
new: Maria Maudry, Ph.D. University of Vienna Jeanette O’Connor, M.S.S. Smith College
other instructional staff: Kubis, Noonan, Guanella, Sheehan, Waldron, Gallagher, Coleman, Byrns
1936, Dec 6 “third annual conference on guidance conducted by the Department of Psychology at Fordham University’s Graduate School”: NY Times
1937 Fordham (1937) Graduate School: East Fordham Rd, NY NY
Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology
old: Summers (Head), McNeill, Bamford, Maudry, O’Connor
new: Joseph F. Kubis, Ph.D. M. Gertrude Reiman, Ph.D.
other instructional staff: Bunn, Sheehan, Guanella, Waldron, Gallagher, Coleman, Byrns

moved to Rose Hill campus: new building: Keating Hall, for GSAS Gannon (1967 pp. 210-211): changes due to proximity between College and Graduate School: (1) move from common curriculum to undergraduate majors; (2) reorganization of departments to cover graduate and undergraduate education, and (3) changes in pay structure and tenure, seen in the Bulletins as increasing distinctions appeared between Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, Instructors, Lecturers, and Graduate Assistants (1936 and on) (see Gannon, 1938)

two New York Times articles (Jan. 15, 1937, Nov. 18, 1937) describe the use of Fr. Summers’ lie detector in criminal cases; another reports the arrival of Dr. Robert F. Sheehan, former chief neuro-psychiatrist for the U.S. Bureau of War Risk, in the department (Sept. 16, 1937); one describes a 14 week forum on child care, to be held in Keating Hall beginning in October (Sept. 26, 1937), and one covers “Children enrolled in Fordham’s “Utopian school”” (Oct. 18, 1937).
1938 Bulletin: description of new facilities on third floor of Keating Hall large general lab for fundamental experimental work numerous research rooms for advanced experimental work, individual research photo lab, vision and sound experimentation, physiological recording equipment, including lab for scientific detection of deception College Guidance Clinic: aptitude, vocational Child Guidance Clinic:
1. diagnosis and treatment of children with problems
2. opportunities for clinical study by clinical grad students cooperation between Psychology and School of Social Service
1938, Aug 1 Teachers College (Woolworth Building) and graduate Department of Education (Rose Hill for two years – moved in time for Fall 1939) merged to form School of Education, serving graduate and undergraduate students in Manhattan
1938, Sep 24 Rev. Summers died at 49 (New York Times, Sept. 26, 1938)
Interim Head: Dr. Joseph Kubis
McNeill moved to Teachers College to teach philosophy Fordham (1938) Graduate School: Department of Psychology
Psychology: Kubis, Reichenberg, Reiman, Snee, Summers
Guidance: Bamford, Gallagher, Guanella, Hoppock, Monaghan, O’Connor (Lucille), Waldron Psychiatric Social Work: Lawrence Psychiatry: Sheehan Philosophy: Sherlock
1939 Head: Dr. Robert T. Rock, Jr. from School of Education Ph.D. Teacher’s College, Columbia under E.L. Thorndike established undergraduate department with same chair and faculty Bamford, Kubis, Lawrence, Monaghan, Reiman, Snee
1940 1. Fordham (1940) Graduate School
Department of Psychology: Dr. Rock, Head of Department Dayhaw, Donceel, Guanella, Kubis, Lawrence, Monaghan, O’Connell, Philip, Schramm, Snee, Terrence, West

2. Fordham College (1940)
Department of Psychology: Dr. Rock, Head of Department Kubis, Monaghan, Phillips, Snee

3. School of Education (1940) Graduate Department: Woolworth Byrns and McCarthy: Associate Professors Division III. Educational Psychology, Measurements, and Guidance Educational Psych and Measurements: Kelly, McCarthy
Guidance: Connors

4. School of Social Service (1940): Woolworth Building Lonergan: Psychiatry; Christina M. Leonard, M.D.: Mental Hygiene; Ruth K. Lynch: Psychiatric Social Work Problems
1947 Dr. Anne Anastasi joined the department
1947, Jan 16 New York Times: “Professor of Psychology made Rector of Fordham”: Rev. Joseph A. Murphy
1949 Chair: Rev. Joseph G. Keegan, S.J., Ph.D.
1953 249 M.A.’s and 47 Ph.D.’s so far
1958 Chair: Rev. William C. Bier, S.J., Ph.D. clinical psychology program created
Fordham buys into Lincoln Center Urban Renewal Project
1963 467 M.A.’s and 117 Ph.D.’s so far
1965 department moved from Keating to renovated Dealy Hall
1968 Chair: Dr. Anne Anastasi
1969 Liberal Arts College at Lincoln Center opens, and downtown schools move into Lowenstein
1974 Chair: Dr. Joseph F. Kubis
1976 Chair: Dr. John Walsh
1982 Chair: Dr. Marvin Reznikoff
1985 Chair: Dr. Kurt Geisinger
1991 Chair: Dr. Nancy Busch
1995 restructuring accomplished
Chair of RH+LC Psychology Department: Dr. Nancy Busch
1996 Chair: Dr. Kevin Moreland, then Dr. Mary Procidano
2002 Chair: Dr. Frederick Wertz
2008 Chair: Dr. Kathleen Schiaffino

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